[tor-project] Tor's Bug Smash Fund: Fundraising Campaign

Al Smith smith at torproject.org
Fri Jul 31 15:10:28 UTC 2020

Hello Tor!

Today, the Tor Project is launching our second annual Bug Smash Fund,[1]
a month-long fundraising campaign (7/31 - 8/31). The goal of the Bug
Smash Fund campaign is to raise unrestricted funds that we allocate to
finding and fixing bugs / doing maintenance / and addressing issues that
aren’t flashy or exciting for most funders, but totally necessary for
the health of Tor and all of the third party apps that rely on Tor to
provide privacy, security, and anonymity to their users.

Unrestricted funding, like what we’re raising for the Bug Smash Fund, is
key for the Tor Project to improve our agility and stop relying on the
slow, piecemeal process of grant funding in order to accomplish our
goals and respond to emergent issues.

Last year during our first Bug Smash Fund campaign, we raised $86,081
that we used to close 74 tickets.[2]

In 2019, we were able to allocate all of the donations we raised
in-person at DEF CON to the Bug Smash Fund. That was about $40,000. As
we all know, this year is different, and it will be a big stretch to
meet or exceed the amount we raised last year without this event. So
your help to amplify this campaign could really help make this campaign
a success.

How to help:
-- Tweet about the Bug Smash Fund using the #TorBugSmash and a link to
our launch blog post. Here are some suggested posts.[3]
-- Quote tweet @torproject posts about the Bug Smash Fund with your own
take about why unrestricted funds are so important for the health of Tor.
-- Forward this email to those who might be able to amplify the campaign.

Activities in August to support the Bug Smash Fund campaign:
-- Hosting a second PrivChat event featuring stories about smashing bugs
in software development on (date tbd)
-- Sharing regularly on social media and engaging our friends to amplify
the campaign
-- Sending two emails to previous donors who have not made a donation in
the last 90 days
-- Promoting a new cryptocurrency campaign on Blockchair:

If you have any questions about or ideas for the Bug Smash Fund
campaign, please email me or Isabela or grants at torproject.org, we would
be happy to talk about it.

Happy Friday,

[1] https://blog.torproject.org/tor-bug-smash-fund-2020
[2] https://blog.torproject.org/tor-bug-smash-fund-2019-final-update
[3] https://pad.riseup.net/p/OiWVPFGPw7I9vnX7MnN2

Al Smith (they/them)
Fundraising • Communications
The Tor Project

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