[tor-project] Anti-censorship meeting notes,16 July 2020

Cecylia Bocovich cohosh at torproject.org
Fri Jul 17 13:59:10 UTC 2020


Here are our meeting minutes:


And here is our meeting pad:

Anti-censorship work meeting pad

Next meeting: Thursday July 16th 16:00 UTC

Weekly meetings, every Thursday at 16:00 UTC, in #tor-meeting at OFTC
(channel is logged while meetings are in progress).

== Goal of this meeting ==

Weekly checkin about the status of anti-censorship work at Tor.
Coordinate collaboration between people/teams on anti-censorship at Tor.

== Links to Useful documents ==

    Our anti-censorship roadmap:


    The anti-censorship team's wiki page:


    Past meeting notes can be found at:


    Tickets that need reviews:  from sponsors we are working on:

    All needs review tickets:

    Sponsor 30





    Sponsor 28

    must-do tickets:

    possible tickets:

    Anti-censorship related tickets that we want other teams to fix:

    https://pad.riseup.net/p/tor-anti-censorship-tickets-keep <-- it
will be moved into gitlab with TPO labels

== Announcements ==

    The censorship track at PETS starts at 16:40 UTC today at
https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=JdDgAuuilZk and a recording of the VPN
talk we're going to discuss next week is available at

== Discussion ==

    Any naming suggestions for our experimental BridgeDB successor?


== Actions ==

== Interesting links ==

    Privacy Enhancing Technologies Symposium 2020 is this week. The
censorship session is 16:40–17:55 UTC on Thursday.


    I skimmed the program for papers that look relevant to us. There's
one on VPN usage, two on decoy routing, and one on rendezvous using

    Emotional and Practical Considerations towards the Adoption and
Abandonment of VPNs as a Privacy-Enhancing Technology


    Running Refraction Networking for Real


    SiegeBreaker: An SDN Based Practical Decoy Routing System


    MoneyMorph: Censorship Resistant Rendezvous using Permissionless


== Reading group ==

    We will discuss "Emotional and Practical Considerations Towards the
Adoption and Abandonment of VPNs as a Privacy-Enhancing Technology" on
July 23rd



    Questions to ask and goals to have:

    What aspects of the paper are questionable?

    Are there immediate actions we can take based on this work?

    Are there long-term actions we can take based on this work?

    Is there future work that we want to call out, in hopes that others
will pick it up?

== Updates ==

    This week:
        - What you worked on this week.
    Next week:
        - What you are planning to work on next week.
    Help with:

         - Something you need help with.

  This week (2020-07-16):

    Experimented with a generalisation of BridgeDB.

    ...based on "Clean Architecture":

    Added a handful of new papers to CensorBib.

    Merged obfs4 bridge setup guide for Windows.

    Reviewed tpo/anti-censorship/bridgedb#40003.

    Merged tpo/anti-censorship/bridgedb#33647.

    Merged tpo/anti-censorship/bridgedb#33835.

  Next week:

    Wrap up tpo/anti-censorship/wolpertinger#34259.

  Help with:

cecylia (cohosh): last updated 2020-07-16
Last week:
    - PETS 2020 conference participation and artifact committee stuff
    - Getting really bogged down with sponsor 28 evaluation work
    - some snowflake mobile UI discussion and reviews
    - opened a ticket to implement more NAT discovery at browser proxies
    - ran some performance tests on a symmetric NAT to check for
improvements from #34129 (#33666)
This week:
    - take a look at #25595
    - NAT discovery at proxies (snowflake-webext#13)
    - snowflake sponsor 28 evaluation work
    - maybe take a look at snowflake#21314 or some other blockers on #19001
    - continue with GetTor + BridgeDB refactor
Needs help with:
    - review of tor-browser-build#40016 (i'll ping the applications team)

juggy :
    This week:
        - Dig into the algorithm for how BridgeDB distributes bridges
    Next week:
        - Implement audio captchas in moat, figure out how to reduce
audio captcha request size
        - Keep studying BridgeDB to write architectural overview
    Help with:

arlolra: 2020-06-11

    Last week:


    Next week:

    - follow ups to #33365

    - start on #31201

    Help with:


dcf: 2020-07-16

    Last week:

    - reviewed RFC 5780–compatible STUN server for Snowflake broker.


    - commented on STUN server selection for Tor Browser


    - archived Snowflake WebExtension 0.4.0

    Next week:

    - find out what went wrong with trying to give cohosh CDN access

    - set up an etherpad for public bug reporting and link it from
https://snowflake.torproject.org/#bugs (snowflake#34435)

    Help with:

Antonela: 2020-07-16

    - (S28) Snowflake Android App UI


    - (S30) Making bridges.tpo looks like tpo.org


    - (S30) Planning activities for the user group in HK (happening next

    - Run emma


    - Discovery issues with Bridges flow - working on the script



    Last week:

    -Worked on #27984

    Next week:

    -Work on #34318

    Help with:

    -Review of #27984 (It's just a feedback implementation)

hanneloresx: 2020-06-25

    Last week:

    - Read existing documentation for BridgeDB. Get acclimated to GitLab.

    - Started investigating #32117

    - Filed and fixed #40003

    Next week:

    - Work on #32117

    - Work on #33727

    Help with:


thymbahutymba: 2020-04-02
    Last week:
        - CI/CD pipeline for multiarch docker images, which has a problem
          with the apt tor version even though the apt repository have been
          changed into the Dockerfile.
    Next week:
    Help with:

HashikD: 2020-07-16

    Last week:

    - Made designs for Snowflake mobile:

    - #6 Showing users stat about how many clients they served in the
past 24

    Next week:

    - Turn Designs in to code

    - Contemplating

    Help with: -

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