[tor-project] Notes from Vegas Meeting JANUARY 30 2020

Erin Wyatt ewyatt at torproject.org
Fri Jan 31 18:56:58 UTC 2020

Notes from Vegas Meeting
JANUARY 30 2019:

** Paste your bold items here for discussion and summarize the discussion/resolution at the end of the meeting.

-	Who can help me decide whether to go to a couple of boston-local things I've been invited to? I'll go if it's in Tor's interests.
    	Outcome: people who want Tor to be/speak at an event should contact speaking at torproject org


- Launched next feedback cycle!
- Moved office this week. Working on last few things/cleaning old office & getting internets at new place. This has taken up *a lot* of time the past week, so please ping me if you're waiting on me for something urgent. Thanks!

- Will be traveling when the vegas team meeting is.
- Some 0.4.3 planning with Nick.
- The team seems to be doing good on the different projects. The new s55 is getting some attention.
- Will be at FOSDEM in the weekend together with a lot of Tor folks :-)

- Spending a week in Tor Browser land at Mozilla's All Hands meeting

- Wrote an email for sponsors incorporating 2019 media coverage of Tor
- Working with our Outreachy intern on her tasks. Submitted midterm feedback.
- Working with OTF Learning Lab on our onion services project. Have a list of questions to answer to help with writing the narrative.
- Responding to press inquiries.
- Finishing Jan Tor News for this week

- new ganeti server installed and working, but small setback because of some hardware problems - otherwise documentation is improving
- work continuing on roadmap, will review with team in monthly meeting and come back here next week with the result
- worked on a draft "support policy" with the TPA folks to see how we provide support and al, will bring it up after meeting as well
- deployed (locally) a batch client to create trac tickets for said roadmap https://help.torproject.org/tsa/howto/trac/
- sent and received feedback requests
- usual daily work: code reviews with hiro, RT queue config and debug, package install, TPA calendar migration

- Attending All Hands this week

- Writing and reviewing reports
- Working on different internal/external comms emails to tor-project, sponsors etc.
- Annual meeting with Sida
- Met w/ Josh from Zcash Foundation
- Got started with new proposals (2DRLs)

- Second donation acceptance policy meeting 2/4 at 20:00 UTC.
- Logistics and invites for San Francisco and NYC events.
- Helping with reports.

- Worked on several iterations of graphs with OnionPerf and consensus information from Rob's experiment (#33076).

- New stable releases today.
- Network team members are  doing another bug retrospective to see about commonalities in our regressions and look for ways to improve.
- Important design proposals on-tor-dev from mike (congestion control) and teor (Ipv6) -- please read if you're interested, and I think you'll be interested.
- We're trying to get 0.4.3.x stable and finished: everybody please help by testing the alpha releases and reporting bugs!
- Who can help me decide whether to go to a couple of boston-local things I've been invited to?  I'm not super interested on my own, but I'll go if it's in Tor's interests. (We don't need to figure out whether I'm going at the meeting; I just want to know whom to talk to.)

- Roadmap post-processing and Sponsor 30 quarterly report
- More more work on NSF TTP grant proposal
- Sponsor 28 & 30 business as usual
- More thinking about potential GSoC projects

- Updated training partnership agreement
- Following up next remote training in Indonesia
- Organizing Tor Village in IFF and putting together a schedule + call for activities
- FOSDEM: AFK today and tomorrow
- Meeting & retrospective with community members

- S9 Sponsor meeting
- FOSDEM prep
- GSoC wrangling
- S27 reporting
- IFF planning
- S9 Training Partner onboarding automation

- AFK at Sustain OSS Summit

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