[tor-project] Notes from Vegas Meeting JANUARY 23 2020

Erin Wyatt ewyatt at torproject.org
Thu Jan 23 19:30:07 UTC 2020

Notes from Vegas Meeting
JANUARY 23 2019:


-	Debian 9 stretch EOL this summer, want to check in with service admins and teams how to schedule buster upgrades
	Discussion: will coordinate/discuss with Gaba next week and make a plan to move forward.

-	San Francisco party prep - do we know anyone at Reddit to invite?
	Discussion: maybe it’s time to make a wider call. If you’re reading this and you know someone, please contact sstevenson at torproject. Thanks!


*	Network health planning; kick-off meeting will be after the Vegas meeting (see: https://lists.torproject.org/pipermail/network-health/2020-January/000452.html)

*	S27, S9 regular duties
*	Submitted RightsCon proposal on Human Rights and Design track with Simply Secure, Jigsaw and A19
*	Reading about cohosh bridge's proposal
*	Pushing the iterated download page from [dev] to [staging]
*	Traveling to Berlin this weekend; set meetings with Simply Secure and OTF for Metrics with Nina, OTF for S27 with Fiona, OTF for Metrics with Elio. FF <> Tor UX meetings are: Tracking Protection UX, Fenix High-level Road Map, Anti-tracking Engineering Planning
*	I will reach FOSDEM in the weekend
*	Meeting the OTF comms lab about onions with Steph and others
*	Meeting Soraya from EFF to sync about collabs

*	Roadmapping with anti-censorship, metrics, network, network health and syadmin temas... \o/
*	Roadmapping new IPv6 project
*	Preparing S30 report for Bekeela to send
*	Traveling on Tuesday to attend Sustain Summit next week - https://sustainoss.org/summit-2020/
*	FOSDEM in the weekend & meetings: Simply Secure for Metrics portal project (with Antonela), sbws with Juga and Alex

*	Sent 2019 tax receipts to monthly donors.
*	San Francisco party prep - do we know anyone at Reddit to invite? (See above.)
*	Planning NYC lunch in April.
*	Back to rolling invites to monthly and major giving programs.

*	Moving office next Tuesday; selling stuff and packing up this week/weekend
*	HR/Personnel stuff
*	New shadow dev starting Monday 1/27
*	Trying to get caught up

*	Team seems to be doing good. People seems to be hacking on roadmap stuff and/or 0.4.3 stuff.
*	Going through Gitlab todo list.
*	Next week I'll be at FOSDEM in Brussels. Might miss next Vegas meeting due to traveling.
*	Did first round of 1:1's with network team folks this week.

*	Status w walking onions proposal.
*	Released woo!
*	More stable releases likely next week.

*	Circulated research director roles pad; worked on 2020 goals
*	Worked on tor-dev congestion control epic mail (still fixing details)
*	Prepping for Mozilla all hands next week.

*	started setup of new ganeti node (#32937) which will give us some breathing room to shutdown old servers
*	experimented fairly successfully with setup-storage to standardize disk formatting in our install automation work (#31239)
*	decom'd a ARM build box that was having trouble at scaleway (#33001), future of other scaleway boxes uncertain, delegated to weasel
*	looked at the test Discourse instance hiro setup
*	new RT queue ("training") for the community folks (#32981)
*	upgraded meronense to buster (#32998) surprisingly tricky
*	Debian 9 stretch EOL this summer, want to check in with service admins and teams how to schedule buster upgrades
*	established first draft of sysadmin roadmap with hiro https://help.torproject.org/tsa/roadmap/2020/
*	various small tweaks (proper headings in wiki #32985, ticket review, followup with jim's key, irl acceses in #32999, logging issues on archive-01 #32827, cleanup old role #32787, cleanup old rc.local cruft #33015, puppet code review #33027)

*	Slowly wrapping up TTP grant
*	Worked on roadmap for the next three months

*	Coordinating w/ anto, steph, asn, roger the onion services/nodarkweb strategy, I will plan a meeting and add Hiro to this game. We are in touch with OTF labs on this as well.
*	Had my first meeting with the Board in 2020 and we discussed a mid FY analysis that I presented.
*	Continue 1:1 w/ vegas leads for 2020 prep
*	first meeting on creating guildelines for relationships regarding funds
*	Continue to organize EFF event, event at Ford and Membership Program.

*	Following up with Cleopatra and reviewing her work
*	Submitted RightsCon proposal - Tor Meetup in Global South + invited to talk about the future of activist communication organized by Harvard's Shorenstein Center.
*	Attended to IFF Village meeting last friday, I'm working on a private pad to put together our proposals.
*	Travelling next week to Fosdem, offline on Jan 31th.
*	Doing 2:1 with Pili and volunteers in Community Team.
*	Organizing S9 work (creating training workflow)

*	FOSDEM prep
*	GSoC wrangling
*	Some website updates
*	S27 deliverable review
*	Regular trac triage and other maintenance tasks

*	Sketching some team organizational improvements
*	Preparing for Moz All Hands next week
*	Trying to keep up with all the announcements happening in the Browser Privacy space

*	Working with OTF Learning Lab for onion services. Mapped out initial work plan
*	Working with annalee_ on blog tag organization and planning next projects
*	Writing a piece on our press coverage last year
*	Submitted a session on privacy laws and privacy tools to RightsCon

*	Upgraded metrics website host to buster, with help from anarcat.
*	Resolved a bunch of defects in Metrics/* components.

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