[tor-project] Notes from Vegas Meeting JANUARY 19 2020

Erin Wyatt ewyatt at torproject.org
Fri Jan 17 23:17:54 UTC 2020

Friendly reminder: US Federal holiday (observed) on Monday, January 20th

Notes from Vegas Meeting
JANUARY 16 2019:


    - Pantheon tells me they just implemented a new "coupon" system for select long-term non-profit customers, allowing them to peg billing and avoid overage charges. They did not have the ability to alter pricing like this previously.


	- Is anyone coordinating our Rightscon submissions and presence? Should I? Should someone in the American continent and/or who is planning to attend do it instead?
	Resolution: Steph, isa, EFF, FPF, Gus, and Antonela are all working on stuff. :)

	- Setting next feedback cycle timeline - please see my email from yesterday and let's talk timing.
	Resolution: timeline works; Isa and ewyatt are still reviewing feedback from last cycle; updated document and announcement to come out next week.

	- Do we know anyone at Google that we can contact about attending the San Fran event?
	Discussion: (A few people; short list shared internally.) If anyone reading this knows someone, please contact sstevenson at torproject!

	- How should i approach the discussion of "what is supported" and "what is an emergency"? who are my stakeholders? see also ticket #31243


- sysadmin meeting on monday, notes at https://help.torproject.org/tsa/meeting/2020-01-13/
- ordered new server for ganeti cluster
- battling various upkeep things (scaleway/ARM boxes, disk usage, security upgrades, etc)
- 1:1 with isa (thanks!)
- how should i approach the discussion of "what is supported" and "what is an emergency"? who are my stakeholders? see also ticket #31243

Philipp (on vacation and won't be here)
- Still working on TTP grant
- Business as usual with Sponsor 28 and 30

- getting up to speed in network-health land
- moved various unrelated pieces forward (faq legal update)

- Teams and Sponsor roadmapping
- Moving GSoC forward
- FOSDEM organisation
- Lots of meetings this week

• UX team 2020 roadmap is ready - https://nc.torproject.net/s/CqiqS7NRrfPkmLx
• Berlin All Hands logistics; maybe I'm reaching FOSDEM.
• S27, S30 and S9, IFF Village organizers, Mozilla <> Tor meetings
• working with Onion Errors and Onion Indicators as part of S27
• reviewed Nah's report on December user research ran by partners. Working with Onion Services user research.
• torproject.org/download is going to be iterated - #32460
• emailed Julia Evans (b0rk) to work in a fanzine that explains Tor. She doesn't run commissioned work but recommended us emilywithcurls :)
• fill SOTO for the UX team
• I'll be joining proposals with A19 and EFF around human rights and design during RightsCon
• EFF is working on updating ssd.eff.org with Tor Browser updates. Put them in contact with Gus and helping on what is needed.

- Scheduled 1:1 with network team folks. Monday is going to be the big meeting day for me in this year.
- Hacking on various tickets in my backlog.
- Going to do slides in the upcoming weekend for FOSDEM.
- Looking at CFP's for other events "near" DK for submitting Tor talks to. Mostly Free Software/Security conferences.

- Continue to have 1:1s w/ Vegas leads to coordinate 2020 plans
- Working on Board Book for our next meeting (Jan 21st)
- Reviewing comms/fundraising posts/letters
- Kick off meeting for onion-advisors / working on udpating Membership Program proposal
- Introduction meetings w/ Omidyar and Hewlett foundations
- Planning next Feedback cycle w/ Erin

- Working with our Outreachy intern annalee_ on our blog tags and press list 
- Submitting panel to RightsCon with Isa, EFF, FPF 
- Reviewing and posting blogs 
- Creating a document on our onion relationships for onion-advisors 
- Had first conversation with OTF about Learning Lab for onion services

- Feature-freeze for 0.4.3.x has begun.
- Possibly, more releases soon, depending on pace of fixes for 0.4.2 and 0.4.3 issues.
- Have been working here and there on design sketches for reduced-size Tor stuff.
- Would like to have a sketch of current 2020 roadmaps, with unknowns marked.  Will ask ahf/gaba.

- Onboarding new shadow dev. Announcement soon!
- Setting next feedback cycle timeline - please see my email from yesterday and let's talk timing.
- General HR/personnel stuff.

- Final items for EOY campaign. Wrap up blog posted https://blog.torproject.org/2019-campaign-wrapup-tor-take-back-the-internet
- Meetings with Hewlett and Omidyar.
- Planning San Francisco (March 26th) and NYC events (April). Do we know anyone at Google that we can contact about attending the San Fran event? 

- Catching up on mails and trac after two weeks AFK.
- S30 report
- Several roadmaps meetings with teams
- Grants budget
- Kicking off network health team work with Georg
- Gitlab: checking on how to move forward.

- Doing 1:2 with community team folks.
- Last week did an online meeting with our training partner in Colombia.
- Reviewing frontdesk answers with Outreachy intern Cleopatra.
- Reviewing Tor Browser for Android manual with cleo, emmapeel, matt.
- Organizing 2020 roadmap
- Events outreach: following up with FOSDEM plans and activities.
- Reaching out some relay operators orgs to see who's going to FOSDEM.

- Attended Real World Crypto last week (talked with some people about Tor integration)
- Three Tor Browser releases last week (two stable, and one alpha)
- Still working on wrapping my head around all of the Tor Browser tickets
- Planning S27, S30, S9, and migration work
- Planning general tor application support

- Put out new metrics-lib, CollecTor, and ExoneraTor releases to fix a couple bugs.
- Started a roadmap for Q1/2020.

- Shared research director roles doc with gaba and isa, working on 2020 goals
- Worked with cohosh to clarify some vanguards doc statements wrt snowflake
- Brainstorming discussion topics for Mozilla all hands

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