[tor-project] December 2019 report for the UX team + 2019 Recap

Antonela Debiasi tor at antonela.me
Thu Jan 2 15:32:10 UTC 2020

Hi Tor,

Onion Services
As part of our UX improvements for Onion services, Onion Prioritization
is about to reach the alpha series. We are reviewing the last user
interface's details here

We should consolidate the Onion identity presence in clients' URL Bar.
We are working on it here

We discussed the next iteration of the download page, specifically the
privacy trade-offs between offering a one-click download experience vs.
our current download flow. We created an improved version, and we are
collecting feedback from users to inform our next iteration.

We worked in minor (but noticeable!) UI fixes in tpo.org. Thanks, c1e0!

Pili submitted the Sponsor 9 Year 2 report relating our work with
communities in the Global South. If you are interested in reading more
about the work we have been doing in the field, email me, and I'll send
you a copy.

Nah coordinated the user research ran with Karisma in Colombia and with
the Zaina Foundation in Tanzania. We will upload their reporting soon.

We are working with OONI on S30 related tickets. During December, we
worked on exposing the Circumvention test in end-users UI, both for
desktop and mobile clients.

Community.torproject.org is getting in shape to be officially released
in 2020. Emmapeel is coordinating the localization efforts for the vast
amount of content the portal will hold.

We are trying to define a better workflow for translations. Emmapeel
suggested having translation-only branches here

We presented a few proposals for the next Internet Freedom Festival. We
can't wait to meet old and new friends in Valencia this year!

Open Team
The UX Team roadmap kanban breathes here:

If you missed those, December weekly meetings notes are here:


2019 Recap

For the records, 2019 was the year where we
 - launched the new torproject.org website.
 - continued working with local communities collecting user feedback and
running user research in the Global South: thanks to folks from India,
Uganda, Kenya, Indonesia, Colombia, Mexico, and Brazil for joining us!.
This work allowed us to release and share our first Tor Personas tool.
 - made available Tor outreach material based on Tor Personas.
 - joined OONI on revamping and releasing the new explorer.ooni.org
 - opened a #tor-ux room
 - launched Tor Browser 8.5 and 9.0 with a new Tor Browser icon, an
improved version of Security Settings, New Identity, Network Settings
core features. We also released Tor Browser for Android on our stable
 - started to define how the future of Onion services will look like
 - supported the anti-censorship team on releasing the Snowflake browser
 - supported the fundraising team in our major donation campaigns.

It was a pleasure to collaborate with designers, developers,
researchers, and project advocates during 2019. I hope we can continue
creating technology for liberation together in 2020, too.

Thanks, peace and love


Antonela Debiasi
UX Team Lead



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