[tor-project] Notes from Vegas Meeting FEBRUARY 27 2020

Erin Wyatt ewyatt at torproject.org
Fri Feb 28 21:19:20 UTC 2020

Vegas Team Meeting Notes
FEBRUARY 27 2020:


- Do we have plans/timeline for migrating from trac to gitlab.torproject.org?
	Plans, yes; timeline, not really. We need to consult teams to decide what can move and when. 
	You should only work in trac for now until we finally migrate --gaba


1. Reviewing DRL proposal
2. Wrapping S27
3. Writing peers feedback
4. Following up Tunde's travels. Put in contact with Gaba to facilitate a NC account for his research data.
5. Following up with Nah about user research, reviewing user research templates for communities
6. IFF Tor village: Sent some invites to fav community members to encourage them to submit a proposal
7. S30 OONI design tasks
8. Do we have plans/timeline for gitlab.torproject.org? ^see above
9. Reviewing the new Onion Browser for iOS

1. hiro put the new gitlab instance online, and it works! almost ready for migration from dip.torproject.org
2. more automation work: started testing Fabric, and automating host retirement and reboot procedures
3. finalized new ganeti node (fsn-node-04, #33081) and started migrating hosts from old unifolium (kvm2 out of 5, #33085)
4. retired savii.torproject.org (#33441) and build-x86-07.torproject.org (#33442)
5. meta-policy process adopted inside team: https://help.torproject.org/tsa/policy/tpa-rfc-1-policy/
6. setup new VM for check.tpo replacement (!) #33362
7. normal routine (email creation, server reboots, ircbouncer support, patch reviews)

1. Network health work is moving forward
2. First batch for feedback is ready, more to come for next week

1. Working on all of the documents required for the DRL proposal
2. Reviewing S27 status, deliverables and releases as we enter the final month of the project - starting to think about how we can share and present this work with the wider community.
3. S27 February report
4. GSoC wrangling
5. Outreachy wrangling
6. Some Season of Docs follow up as our technical writer finishes her long running project
7. Need to pick up IFF wrangling again
8. Blog migration meeting

1. Network health: contacted relay operators from latin america. 
2. Submitted Outreachy project: "Help Tor support our users". Please update: https://trac.torproject.org/projects/tor/wiki/Outreachy
3. Training program: contacted new partners in India, Colombia and Uganda.
4. Reviewing Cleo's work, also it's her last week, internship ends now, March 3.

0. Focus on invites to our fundraising happy hour event on March 26 at EFF - if you can help w/ invites ping us!
1. Selection of candidates for first round of internview (to the ed assistant position) / Working on job post for office admin position
2. Following up on personnel stuff  
3. Following up w/ proposals (OTF, DRL, Dial, etc)
4. Trying to finish draft of Membership Program proposal 

1. Invites and logistics for San Francisco
2. Invites and logistics for NYC lunch April 13
3. Assisting with DRL and OTF proposals
4. Working on peer feedback
5. Met with Joe Hall last week
6. Meeting with Nikita from Omidyar next week
7. Making minor edits to donate language on website to increase organic (non-monthly) donations
8. Zcash funding for walking onions is in hand

1. Updated fundraising deck for SF meetings. Will be making 2 sets of slides for bitcoin2020 and eff event
2. Working with OTF Learning Lab on a page to debunk the dark web 
3. Working with annalee_ on a vpn post -- final outreachy week upon us!
4. Next newsletter finished -- going out tomorrow. 
5. Did a livestream / community call with Zeal about Tor and walking onions 

1. DRL proposal
2. SF meeting
3. Finally got up to speed on trac
4. Roadmaps
5. Gitlab new server is done by hiro. Testing new installation. The plan is to move it from dip into gitlab.torproject.org next week.
6. IFF follow up
7. Sound Track this week: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=vtCk4sNgj48

1. Picked up Tor Browser Mac OS X signing problem
2. Tor Browser 9.5a6 release (soon)
3. Started conversation with DuckDuckGo
4. Began having conversations about websites blocking Tor Browser users
5. Another OTF round of feed
6. Tor Browser migration is progressing (slowly, but steadily)
7. S27 work is progressing nicely (new features in every alpha release)

1. Team seems to be doing fine.
2. GSoD is over. Swati did very well IMO.
3. Been doing peer reviews, but still missing 1/3 of them.
4. Hiro got new Gitlab server up and running. Will be working on migrating Trac tickets to the new instance now.

1. trying to roadmap my next 3-6 months. 
2. starting on walking onions spec next week
3. going to do a panel with wendy next wednesday about decisionmaking in dentralized organizations

1. Worked on scalabilithy proposal
2. Conversations about role priorities
3. Starting to plan March travel

1.  Working on contract updates, tax forms, and alllll the other things
2.  Moving forward with Exec Admin screening
3. Personnel stuff

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