[tor-project] Network health meeting notes, 24 Feb 2020

Georg Koppen gk at torproject.org
Tue Feb 25 12:15:13 UTC 2020


Yesterday, we held another weekly meeting to discuss network health
issues and keep us in sync. The IRC log can be found at:


Additionally, here come the status updates and discussion items showing
what we were up in the previous week and what is planned for the coming one:

    * Guidelines on ethical operating a relay with operators [deferred
to next week, GeKo]
    * How do we proceed with the bridges part of #32672? [after dealing
with the relay part, let's look at the data and then based on that move
forward, probably with contacting operators, too, GeKo]

  Last week:
    - finished a good deal of the simplification of the bad relay
rejecting process (#33182)
    - looked over the DRL and sbws proposal
    - worked on #32672 (rejecting 0.2.9.x and 0.4.0.x)
    - looked over ggus's questionaire for relay operators
    - small review for #33361
    - sbws prep
  This week:
    - getting up-to-speed for sbws review/work
    - making scripts for better bad relay rejecting available to others
    - more work on #32672
    - feedback reviews

  Last week:
    - DRL propoposal on scalability (we got the SOI accepted and working
on proposal)
    - tor-relays mailing list moderation

  Last week:
    - Confirmed things on #32672
    - Opened and patch for #33361


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