[tor-project] Tor Browser Team Meeting Notes, 18 February 2020

Matthew Finkel sysrqb at torproject.org
Mon Feb 24 17:02:59 UTC 2020

Hi everyone,

Last week we held our weekly meeting.

The meeting log can be read here:

Some highlights from the meeting:
- Continued the discussion on releasing Alpha-series updates more frequently
- Reminder about feedback cycle deadlines
- Explanation about submitting Tor Browser releases to VirusTotal, past and future

Meeting notes:
Week of February 17, 2020

    - VirusTotal?

    Last week:
    - reviewed #19757
    - #32645 work
    - built testing plan
    - patch submitted for review
    - started work on #13410
    - got my build machine working (so I can make builds for releases again woop woop)
    This week:
    - get out a patch for #13410 (bad ssl splash screens)
    - check back in on Mozilla #1532486 (Ensure media cache is memory-only when in private browsing mode)
    - marked needinfo so probably needs a patch update
    - maybe get a patch out for #33298 (HTTP form should get warning popup when coming from onion site)

    Last week:
        - #28005 (https-everywhere .onion redirects):
            - done test builds and patches for review
            - sent e-mail re: securedrop update channels and https-everywhere modifications
    This week:
        - Rebase Tor Browser patches onto mozilla-central.
        - Take a quick look at #32767 issues to see if it has a simple solution.

mcs and brade:
    Last week:
        - Sponsor 27 work:
            - Revised our patches for #19757 (permanent storage of client auth keys).
                - Ready to land?
            - Reviewed strings and commented in #33035 (create strings for onion service error pages).
            - Continued to work on #19251 (onion services error page).
    This week/upcoming:
        - Code review for #32645 (Update URL bar onion indicators).
        - More work on #19251 (onion services error page).
            - The implementation is nearly done; we plan to post patches for review soon.
            - Strings and “Learn More” URLs are blockers for us (tracked in #33035).
        - Compose self & peer feedback for TPI Feedback Cycle 2020-1.

 - Ion Patch finally landed: https://bugzilla.mozilla.org/show_bug.cgi?id=1599226

    Last week:
        Tor Browser releases
        Ticket triage
        Blog post monitoring
    This week:
        Review #19757
        Review #28704
        Review #31130
        Consider another alpha release next week

    last week:
        - Helped with signing/publishing of new releases
        - Made patches for #33283 (Add caching for the exec function in rbm)
        - Started looking at #33289 (Expand list of targets more efficiently) to try to make rbm faster
        - Tried to setup rsync to nightlies.tbb.torproject.org (#32800) but did not succeed yet
        - Looked at blog comments
    This week:
        - Finish setup of nightly mar signing/rsync to nightlies.tbb.torproject.org
        - Make patches to add mar signing key to tor-browser.git, and update app.update.url for nightly
        - Look at testsuite setup
        - Some reviews
        - Try to help with #32650 (Check translations for bogus characters)
        - Review #32456 (Add a question in support.tpo about anti-virus reporting a virus in Tor Browser)

   Last Week:
   - #31130 - Debian Upgrade for Android - ready for review.  All platforms are building.
   - #33359 - Use latest version of TOPL and remove patches - ready for review
  - #32476 - JNI layer for tor - moved JNI class to tor android and started some work to integrate with topl
   This Week:
   -#28794 - Android build of tor - this needs review
   - Next priorities to work on?

    Last week:
        - mostly afk with flu
    This week:
        - Catching up on sponsor work and roadmaps
        - trac triage


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