[tor-project] Notes from Vegas Meeting FEBRUARY 20 2020

Erin Wyatt ewyatt at torproject.org
Fri Feb 21 17:04:50 UTC 2020

Vegas Team Meeting Notes
FEBRUARY 20 2020:


- We have a ton of the old "This is what a Tor supporter looks like" shirts and a ton of OONI shirts, and not a lot of space to store them. What should we do with them?
	* Can we give them away at the networking event in SF and NY? Yes in SF, no in NY.
	* We need to figure out how to build a stock in Europe for events there so we can sell there too.

- Totem project invited Tor Project to build some online courses for their platform.
	* Gus will follow up with them to see how we can collaborate.


1. We have a ton of the old "This is what a Tor supporter looks like" and OONI shirts at the office, and not a lot of space to store them. What should we do with them?
2. Working on employee contracts updates.
3. Administrative Assistant job posting to be posted soon.
4. Emailed EFF for help on the IP section of the employee handbook.
5. We owe people PTO balance updates - will try to get those out next week, so please make sure your timesheets in Harvest are complete and up to date

1. Meeting in person with Joe Hall from ISOC today.
2. Met with Xavier from Open Collective Foundation.
3. Working on next fiscal year's budget projections.
4. Events in San Francisco and NYC moving along.
5. Updating donation acceptance policy for next week's meeting.

1. Working with annalee_ on a vpn post
2. Updating our fundraising deck for upcoming meetings: updating old pages, adding 2 new
3. Chasing down some corrections in a story
4. Blog posts: IFF CFP, solving network security goals
5. Announced Walking Onions grant from ZCash
6. Participating in a livestream with Electric Coin next week
7. Other editing: job post, visa letter

Philipp (on vacation)
1. Finally wrapped up Python 3 port of BridgeDB, which took a lot of time
2. Sponsor 30 business as usual

1. Mostly working on the DRL proposal
2. Organising blog "reboot"
3. Tor Browser release planning
4. General trac gardening and other maintenance tasks
5. We didn't get accepted for GSoC again :(

1. Walking onions tech report (joint work with Ian & Chelsea) is out.  This is similar to our paper (under submission).
2. Trying to make sure that we've got development priorities straight for April+.

1. Worked on role description mail
2. Working on circpad network-team bugs
3. Available to help with DRL, nlnet, etc proposals. Just ping me with questions

1. Digging out of backlog after being afk a bit
2. network health work

1. Back from afk time = inbox love
2. Wrapping S27 work: closing my bits on remaining tickets, testing builds, following up the conversation with the Learning Lab.
3. The DV ballot passed. I'm talking with Soraya at EFF to learn how let's encrypt updates reach certbot releases.
4. Following up with Tunde (ICFP). He is traveling running interviews this week.
5. A new iteration of torproject.org/download is live > https://www.torproject.org/download/
6. Met Internews to learn about their USABLE program and plans for this year.

1. Team seems to be doing well.
2. Started having 1:1's again after missing them after FOSDEM and me being sick last week.
3. Status update with Gaba and Nick.
4. Trying to wrap my head around both Shadow and SBWS still.
5. Working on 0.4.3 tickets.

1. DRL Scalability proposal writing
2. SF networking event invites
3. Sponsor follow up
4. Running behind Trac
5. Sync on capacity and priorities with Alex and Nick.
6. Getting my turn into trying to kill SVN
7. Sound track for this week: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=FwuQamWm6ME

1. new server setup (fsn-node-04) in progress
2. improved on server bootstrapping process (cut down number of steps in half!)
3. audited nagios puppet module to work towards puppetization (#32901)1
4. SVN next steps discussion
5. random routine stuff: package installs (#33295), DNS updates (#33308), RT root noises (#33314), gitlab puppet work patch review

1. Released Onionoo 7.0-1.24.0, 7.1-1.24.1, and 8.0-1.25.0.

1. Maybe releasing another Tor Browser Alpha update next week with more S27 (onion service usability) features
2. Sketching Tor Browser roadmap for next ~4 months (will probably organize a meeting in the near future)
3. Learning much about our signing infrastructure and thinking about how we can improve it (and our signing process overall)

1. back from vacation, catchin up on everything

1. Reaching out possible partners for DRL proposal.
2. Spreading the news about Tor Village in IFF and also answering people who contacted us. Blog post: https://blog.torproject.org/tor-village-iff-2020-call-proposals
3. Network health: Reviewing EFF Legal FAQ.
4. Network health: organizing workflow to contact relay operators running old tor versions (0.2.9.x and 0.4.0). Contacted relay operators from mexico, costa rica, brazil, chile.
5. Reviewing Cleo's work in RT and documentation PRs.
6. Did a Tor workshop last saturday with a community network in Sao Paulo state.
7. Offline next monday and tuesday (local holiday)

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