[tor-project] Metrics Team Meeting Notes, February 20th 2020

Gaba gaba at torproject.org
Thu Feb 20 17:54:56 UTC 2020


We had our weekly metrics team meeting today. The next one is going to
be on February 27th at 1500 UTC.

The pad for the meeting in 2020 is at

The agenda and notes for today are here:

Agenda Thursday, February 20th, 15 UTC

    Review tasks from roadmap session (ticket creation, old cards in trello)
	    Gaba set keyword #metrics-team-roadmap-2020Q1 for all tickets in
the roadmap
    	Gaba updates trello kanban board with roadmap
 	   Gaba will update
once we have all the tickets created
	    Issues marked as NEED_TICKET in
	    Migrating from GitLab to Trac (metrics-cloud, onionperf)

    GeoIP database (karsten)
	    karsten writes down two possible workaround, to discuss
internally/with a lawyer/with data providers.

    Onionoo 8.0 upgrade (karsten)
	    currently running.

    Simplifying (but also breaking) TorDNSEL (irl)
	    irl asks on tor-relays at .

    Onionoo new hosts (irl)
	    we're scheduling this for March 4 or 5, or earlier as to be
discussed next week.

    (Quick) Questions on Metrics DB / Metrics Website Refresh (dj)

Releases last week:

    #33337: Release Onionoo 7.0-1.24.0

    #33338: Release Onionoo 7.1-1.24.1

    #33355: Release Onionoo 8.0-1.25.0

Meeting's logs:

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