[tor-project] Notes from Vegas Meeting FEBRUARY 17 2020

Erin Wyatt ewyatt at torproject.org
Thu Feb 13 22:54:18 UTC 2020

REMINDER: Monday, February 17 is a US Federal holiday (observed). The holiday calendar is now in NC and shared with all people/teams.

Vegas Team Meeting Notes  
FEBRUARY 13 2020

- reminder: sandstorm/bracteata decomissionned, data will be destroyed in 7 days!

- Found a possible alternative to MaxMind's GeoLite2 database.

- I have a roles description pad; I feel like some wide conversation might be needed.
	Discussion: He'll send email about it.

1. Discussed possible graphs for performance/scalability experiments (#33076) and the torflow/sbws transition (#33077).
2. Found a possible alternative to MaxMind's GeoLite2 database

1. Launched Tor Village Call For Proposals in IFF. Please share with your friends: https://lists.torproject.org/pipermail/tor-project/2020-February/002723.html 
2. Helped Nah with her fellowship application
3. Reviewing Cleo's work in Frontdesk
4. Rotationmatrix is working with relays metrics to assist new relay operators. If you have thoughts about what's a good ISP and metrics queries, please come to talk with us on channel #tor-www
5. We will have a second edition of #DocsHackathon in March. 
6. Adding comments to DRL proposal
7. For the next months, we will merge Global South IRC meetings with our regular Community Team meetings.

1. Wrote BridgeDB blog post with Steph's help.
2. Attended Sponsor 30 sync meeting and got conversation with OONI started.
3. Still lots of work on porting BridgeDB to Python 3. Close to being done now!
4. Forwarded speaking invitation for the Android Security Symposium to the Guardian Project.

1. Migrated Storm Perf R&D Pipeline to Gitlab: https://dip.torproject.org/mikeperry/scalability-and-perf-board/-/boards
2. Worked on DRL proposal
3. Thinking about how to comunicate my new role/responsibilities...

1. Hit by some post-FOSDEM flu. Catching up from this.
2. Team seems to be doing well. New IPv6 grant is taking off nicely with Teor running it.
3. Submitted talk with Geko to FOSS North.
4. Working on SBWS, 0.4.3, and a TROVE bug right now.

1. Working with OTF Learning Lab. Reviewing a narrative outline. 
2. Mentoring annalee_ on tasks. She has completed fixing blog tag typos and redundancies and is working on the press list and a post on VPNs. 
3. Preparing for SF events. Making edits to our material deck.  

1. ordered new server for the ganeti cluster (fsn-node-04)
2. shutdown first server in a series of five to be migrated into the cluster (yaaaay!)
3. more work on install process automation (automated root alias creation #32283 , puppet bootstrap improvements, package cleanups)
4. reviewing work to deploy a new gitlab instance to fix the weird MR bugs
5. sandstorm/bracteata decomissionned, data will be destroyed in 7 days!
6. proposed TPA-RFC-1 process for offline discussions, details in https://help.torproject.org/tsa/policy/tpa-rfc-1-policy/
7. usual weekly stuff (puppet refactoring #33277 #32914 and review, debian packaging and bugtracking, new RT queue, RT mail spam, new packages on server
8. answer questions about nextcloud/SVN, to be continued...

1. DRL proposal cutting down estimates with MikePerry
2. on getting rid of SVN
3. Metrics roadmap
4. SBWS proposal writing
5. Sponsor 55 - reading proposals
6. Sponsor 30 follow up
7. SF Event - need to send invitations this week
8. follow up on attempts to make tor size smaller - https://trac.torproject.org/projects/tor/ticket/33291
9. music track for this week https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=AuHzDFqVDs4 < nice :)

1. New alpha release out, again :)
2. not much is new; aiming for alphas every couple of weeks till we're stable.
3. 0.4.4 is branched
4. Had meeting about library size; need to figure out next steps

1. Planning for San Francisco and NYC events
2. General monthly fundraising tasks
3. Got a nice $20K bitcoin gift this morning. No word who it is from yet

1. Tor Browser 9.0.5 released
2. Tor Browser 9.5a5 release in progress
3. Continuing Tor Browser roadmapping for upcoming migration
4. Trying to keep track of Sponsors 9, 27, and 30 work
5. Need to begin work on Tor embeddability library

1. REMINDER: Monday, February 17 is a US Federal holiday (observed). The holiday calendar is now in NC and shared with all people/teams.
2. Executive Assistant job description is published; please share! https://www.torproject.org/about/jobs/executive-assistant/

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