[tor-project] Shadow status (Sponsor 38)

Jim Newsome jnewsome at torproject.org
Mon Feb 10 23:04:15 UTC 2020

Hi everyone!

For those I haven't met yet, I recently joined The Tor Project and will 
be working on the Shadow <https://shadow.github.io/> simulator for the 
Sponsor 38 
project. On the Tor side I'll be part of the Network team 
<https://trac.torproject.org/projects/tor/wiki/org/teams/NetworkTeam>. I 
plan to aim for ~monthly status updates here.

So far:

  * I started two weeks ago, and spent the first couple days having an
    orientation and kickoff with Rob Jansen (NRL)
  * I've been doing some work to improve development assurance and
    velocity <https://github.com/shadow/shadow/milestone/15>
      o Migrated the documentation from a GitHub wiki into the source
        repository itself, so that changes can go through the same
        review process and to help keep it in sync with code changes.
        [#705 <https://github.com/shadow/shadow/issues/705>]
      o Added a GitHub workflow to ensure Shadow builds and its tests
        pass in every pull request and commit to master [#707
      o Made progress on fixing compiler warnings so that we can enable
        -Werror (i.e. prevent new warnings from slipping in unnoticed)
        [#711 <https://github.com/shadow/shadow/issues/711>]

Activities planned in the next ~month:

  * Continue making development assurance and velocity improvements.
  * Develop a plan for incrementally migrating Shadow to Rust. We'dlike
    to get to a state where new code is written in Rust rather than in C.
  * Start redesigning TCP emulation, with an eye towards modularizing
    and porting to Rust.
  * Start working on process-based separation.

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