[tor-project] Research/Scalability/Perf Progress in January

Mike Perry mikeperry at torproject.org
Wed Feb 5 23:53:21 UTC 2020

As part of my new role as Tor's Research Janitor, I'm a bit more
detached from the network team, but still working with them, and also
working more with several other teams. Isa suggested that I write
monthly progress reports here instead of at all those meetings. This
seems reasonable to me. The meeting fatigue struggle is real.

Planned for January:
  - Congestion control review
  - Mozilla All Hands meeting in Berlin
  - Research Janitor role description draft + review
  - Metrics roadmap planning assistance

Actually did in January:
  - Read a shit-ton about the congestion control history of TCP and Tor
  - Wrote this epic mail about congestion control options for Tor:
  - Attended the Mozilla All Hands meeting in Berlin
  - Reviewed Cecylia's snowflake traffic analysis mail
  - Brainstormed Research Janitor roles, discussed them with folks
  - Started planning the Research Janitor's 2020 Goals
  - Helped roadmap the metrics team's onionperf improvements
  - Worked on cleaning up metrics to analyze Rob's relay experiment:


February plans:
  - More metrics + graph analysis for Rob's experiment
  - Iterate on sbws eval metrics + graphs w/ Karsten
  - Funding proposal assistance
  - Tor Performance Pipeline R&D migration to gitlab

  - Nothing stands in my way!

At Risk of Dropping:
  - Fixing circpad bugs that impact external padding research
  - Various mails about circuit padding docs + research options

Mike Perry

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