[tor-project] Network Team Meeting Notes, 27 January 2020

Alexander Færøy ahf at torproject.org
Wed Feb 5 13:56:00 UTC 2020


Here is a short summary of the network team meeting from Monday the 27th of
January 2020.

1) We started out with roadmap.

2) We went over review assignments. We talked a bit about who should review
   sbws tickets.

3) Teor had s55 proposals on the discussion list, but this was gonna be handled
   on the mailing list as part of review of proposals.

4) We discussed backports. Nick and Teor is gonna coordinate over Signal.

5) We still could use more master mergers.

6) We discussed an issue with AddressSanitizer/LeakSanitizer.

7) Nobody had anything else to discuss.

--- end of summary ---

You can read the network team meeting log at:


Below are the contents of our meeting pad:

    Week of Jan 20: (planned):
        - Finish fixes on #32709 (onionbalance subcredential fix)
        - More releases?  Or wait for more fixes?
        - Help with triage and assignment on 0.4.3.x
        - work on clusterfuzz failure
        - PETS discussion and artifact review
    Week of Jan 20 (actual):
        - Released
        - Finished fixes on #32709 (onionbalance subcredential fix) to address timing and performance
        - PETS discussion
        - Figured out why clusterfuzz was failing to build, and fixed it. (32783)
        - Helped diagnose tricky failing stem tests (33006) ("memory leak makes stem-tests fail")
        - Addressed blog comments
        - Reviewed stuff, including Teor's proposal 311.
        - S55 kickoff meeting
    Week of Jan 27 (planned):
        - Review all incoming 043 patches on my queue * 
        - Read and answer Mike's big congestion document * 
        - Release 0.4.2 and 0.4.1.  (Is a final 0.4.0 called for?) * 
        - More PETS discussion, and artifact review. * 
        - Triage 0.4.3 and assign tickets with ahf. *
        - Take care of whatever 0.4.3 tickets are assigned to me.
        - Sketch out Walking Onions work plan.
        - Answer and discuss pending stuff about C style project.
        - Time permitting:
            - Review pending patches for 044
            - Make more dirauth options optional (32139)
            - Stem tracing? (30901)

    week of 01/20 (2020-W04) (planned):
        - reviews
        - TPI holiday 01/20
        - GSoD
        - create tickets for roadmap items that need them
        - investigate some clang-format stuff (#32921)
    week of 01/20 (2020-W04) (actual):
        - TPI holiday 01/20
        - investigated availability of features in various clang-format versions (and availability in OS packages)
        - memory leak fixes (##33039)
        - lots of fruitless troubleshooting about why LeakSanitizer doesn't report obvious leaks in tor but does report them in the same code in test programs
        - valgrind works but is sloooow
        - had to do an OS upgrade to get a valgrind that worked (the valgrind in Xenial doesn't work with anything linked with OpenSSL?)
    week of 01/27 (2020-W05) (planned):
        - reviews
        - retrospective 01/29
    help with:
        - anyone who's familiar with either gcc or clang AddressSanitizer/LeakSanitizer want to help troubleshoot why it's not reporting leaks?

    Week of 20/1 2020 (planned):
     - 1:1s with everybody pretty much.
     - A few meetings.
     - Continue to work on s28 tickets.
    Week of 20/1 2020 (actually):
        - Hacked on #31009
        - Hacked on #33005
        - CC meeting.
        - Gitlab Wiki migration hacking.
        - A few meetings.
        - Joined GK's network health team meeting. Exciting we have that now.
        - Generally not as producitve as I had hoped largely due to not having access to my office.
    Week of 27/1 2020 (planned):
        - Ticket triage with Nick.
        - Continue on sponsored work.
        - Try to read and understand Mike Perry's epic pad.
        - Read and follow up on Teor's IPv6 propsal(s).
        - Prepare slides for FOSDEM and travel to FOSDEM (will thus be AFK from IRC on most of Thursday and all of Friday).
          - Hope to catch up with Juga while in Brussels and hear what they are up to.
          - Hope to spend some time with ln5 and hack on his key hw/vault idea.
          - If there is anybody we should meet and talk with at FOSDEM, now is a good time to say so.
   Week of 20/01 (actual):
   - Almost recovered physically.
   - Took over #32709 from David (Thanks David!) and discussed it with Nick (Thanks Nick!)
   - Started working on remaining #32709 items.
   - Various S27 planning moves.
   Week of 27/01 (planned):
   - Finalize #32709 so that I can use it for testing OBv3.
   - Get back to doing reviews etc.
    Last week (planned):
      - Have gaba+isa review role descriptions
      - Metrics kickoff meeting
      - Work on explicit congestion notification meta-proposal
      - File perf-related roadmap tickets
      - Triage + prioritize circpad, vanguards bugs
    Last week (actual):
      - Had gaba+isa review role descriptions; worked on 2020 plan
      - Metrics kickoff meeting
      - Worked on explicit congestion notification meta-proposal
    This week (planned):
      - Mozilla all hands
      - Congestion control tor-dev post
    Maybe dropping due to Mozilla:
      - File perf-related roadmap tickets
      - Write mails to researchers re circpad docs + simulator
      - Triage + prioritize circpad, vanguards bugs
  Week of Jan 20th (actual):
    - Reviews and merges and meetings.
    - Worked on #33018/#33029.
    - The email world was strong that week.
    - Logistics for NetDev'14 conference in March. Rob and I were accepted for
      a talk there.
  Week of Jan 27th (planned):
    - Continue into the #33018 and #33029 madness world.
    - Hopefully make progress on ticket assigned to me on the roadmap.

  Week of Jan 20th (actual)
      - Roadmap life
      - Run behind Trac

    Week of Jan 27th (planned)
    - Sustain OSS Summit
    - FOSDEM
    - look at sbws needed roadmap

teor: (online first meeting of the month, offline at the usual meeting time)
   Week of 20 January (planned):
       Take Time for:
           - Draft sponsor 55 (relay IPv6) roadmap
               - Add existing ticket numbers
               - Make existing tickets child tickets of sponsor objective tickets
                 (once Gaba has created the sponsor objective tickets)
           - Draft sponsor 55 proposals
               - If I write the proposals now, we can have them reviewed by 1 February,
                 when the grant officially starts
               - O1.1: Relay IPv6 Reachability Checks
               - O1.2: Relay Auto IPv6 Address
               - O1.5: Relay IPv6 Statistics
           - Hand over or triage out 0.4.3 bug fixes
           - Code Reviews

   Week of 20 January (actual):
       Take Time for:
           - Draft sponsor 55 (relay IPv6) roadmap
               - Add existing ticket numbers
           - Draft Proposal 311: Relay IPv6 Reachability: (please review!)
           - 0.4.3 bug fixes
               - #32778 Initialise pubsub in Windows NT Service mode
               - #32962 add_c_file.py refactor
               - Triage #32314 Can't connect to literal IPv6 address containing double colon
               - Diagnose #33006 Fix test-stem `test_take_ownership_via_controller` failure
               - handed over incomplete tickets to other people, or triaged them out
           - Fallback Scripts merges, CI fixes <--- is the fallback scripts something that geko/network-health should take? --gaba -->
           - Code Reviews: Bugs, Volunteers
           - Ticket triage
           - Merge chutney patches from new contributor

   Week of 27 January (planned):
       Take Time for:
           - Backports (if needed)
           - Draft sponsor 55 (relay IPv6) roadmap
               - Create tickets (once proposals have been reviewed)
           - Revise Proposal 311: Relay IPv6 Reachability: (please review!)
           - Draft Proposal 312: Automatic Relay IPv6 Addresses
           - Draft Proposal 313: Relay IPv6 Statistics ?
           - (Transitioning between unfunded work / 0.4.3 fixes, and Sponsor 55)
           - Code Reviews

   Week of 27 January (actual):
       Take Time for:
           - Help cjb and ahf with #31009 - Use public relay addresses for PTs
               - Related to Relay Auto IPv6 Address: proposal 312 and ticket #5940
                 (Sponsor 55)

    Need help with:
        - Please review Proposal 311: Relay IPv6 Reachability: (for Sponsor 55)

Alexander Færøy

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