[tor-project] Three Tor security goals for the network layer

teor teor at riseup.net
Wed Feb 5 09:53:12 UTC 2020

Hi Roger,

> On 5 Feb 2020, at 17:52, Roger Dingledine <arma at torproject.org> wrote:
> I'm meeting with a group of systems professors this week to discuss
> security at the network layer -- for example, how can backbone routers
> help make the internet a safer place. I expect many of the professors
> will talk about routing security, or scalability, or other "systems"-y
> things -- maybe even including how we need accountability and tracking
> in order to stop DDoS attacks.
> I've written up the pitch for three angles that I think are important
> and might otherwise be absent from the agenda:
> (1) securing communications metadata
> (2) preventing browser (application level) tracking
> (3) resisting blocking (censorship)
> I've posted the document at
> https://freehaven.net/~arma/isat2020.pdf
> and I'm attaching the files here too for posterity.
> It's two pages -- one page for explaining the problems, one page for
> "how can we do better?"
> Feel free to reuse the text for your purposes, like grant proposals,
> or explaining Tor to people, or whatever else it's useful for.

Thanks for sending out this write-up, it looks like a good summary.

> > the reality is that network censorship is becoming commonplace in
> > ‘Western’ countries like England, Australia, and Sweden.

In the early 2010s, the rise of internet censorship in Australia made
me get involved in tor development.

Back then, I couldn't see a political solution happening any time
soon. Unfortunately, the political situation is worse now. But there
are some encouraging signs.


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