[tor-project] check.torproject.org IP address change and server move

Antoine Beaupré anarcat at torproject.org
Tue Feb 4 21:19:00 UTC 2020


Today, at around 19:49:00UTC, the IP address of check.torproject.org
(AKA chiwui.torproject.org, TorDNSel and so on) has been changed. The
service was using two IP addresses, which were changed as follows: became became

This IP change should be transparent to our users, unless you have
hardcoded one of those IP addresses somewhere, which you should
generally avoid for exactly that kind of situation.

This work is part of a larger effort to replace old hardware in the
torproject.org infrastructure. In particular, this is part of
decomissioning an old KVM host (textile.torproject.org AKA kvm1). The
old server is still present in case the new one is showing signs of
problems, but preliminary tests show that everything is working

Details of the transfer are available in ticket #31686 in Trac:


The old server will be decomissionned in one week from now, on february
11th, unless significant problems are reported with the new server.

No further disruptions are expected for this transition in the short
term. Total outage was about an hour, intermittently.

Thanks for your attention,


Antoine Beaupré
torproject.org system administration
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