[tor-project] Network health meeting notes, 3 Feb 2020

Georg Koppen gk at torproject.org
Tue Feb 4 10:25:26 UTC 2020


Yesterday, we held our first weekly meeting related to network health.
For those of you who missed it (or just wanted to recap the meeting),
the IRC log can be found on:


Here comes what we were up to in the previous week(s) and what we plan
to work on in the coming week:

  Last week:
      * mostly away at the Mozilla All hands meeting
      * worked a bit on the DNS exit failure ticket (#32864)
      * getting up to speed on DocTor to help with #33067
      * team planning
  This week:
      * work more on #32864 to refine test based on feeback
      * fix #33067
      * get up to speed on sbws to be able to help with code reviews

  Last week(s):
    * Moved a bunch of code to dip.tpo related to health team.
  This week:
    * The usual bad-relays reject.

    Last week:
        * Talked with RotationMatrix about GoodBad ISPs new page in
community portal. We were thinking to export data from metrics and work
in a snapshot to suggest good ISPs. (We -- network health -- should
probably discuss that in another meeting)
    This week:
        * Coming back from FOSDEM
        * We had a Tor meetup this saturday in FOSDEM, we didn't have
too many people running relays, but the room was full.
        * Organizing a meetup with relay operators in Berlin, Germany on
Thursday (announcing soon)
        * Working on Tor Legal FAQ with Cleopatra:

Gaba (Feb 3):
    Last week:
      * fosdem
      * meeting about sbws's roadmap
    This week:
      * help with sbws's proposal for funding

During the week we plan to finish our roadmapping efforts (the pad for
that moved[1]) so we can discuss the result at the next weekly meeting
and make changes where we think that's necessary.



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