[tor-project] You're invited: PrivChat hosted by Snowden | Friday 12/11 @ 18:00 UTC

Al Smith smith at torproject.org
Thu Dec 3 03:05:39 UTC 2020

Hello Tor,

Next Friday, *Edward Snowden *will host Tor’s third PrivChat
(https://torproject.org/privchat), a fundraising livestream event and
conversation with human rights defenders + real-life Tor users *Alison
Macrina* (Founder, Library Freedom Project), *Berhan Taye *(Africa
Policy Manager and Global Internet Shutdowns Lead, Access Now) and *Ramy
Raoof* (Security Labs Technologist, Amnesty International). 

*What: *PrivChat | Tor Advancing Human Rights
*When: *Friday, December 11 @ 18:00 UTC / 13:00 Eastern / 10:00 Pacific
*Where: *The Tor Project’s YouTube channel:
**// What’s PrivChat? //*
PrivChat is a fundraising event series held to raise donations for the
Tor Project. Through PrivChat, we bring you important information
related to what is happening in tech, human rights, and internet freedom
by convening experts for a chat with our community.
**// Tor Advancing Human Rights //*
The Tor Project's main mission is to advance human rights and freedoms
by creating and deploying free and open source anonymity and privacy
technologies. People use our technology, namely the Tor network and Tor
Browser, in diverse ways. Tor is used by whistleblowers who need a safe
way to bring to light information about wrongdoing -- information that
is crucial for society to know -- without sharing their identity. Tor is
used by activists around the world who are fighting against
authoritarian governments and to defend human rights, not only for their
safety and anonymity, but also to circumvent internet censorship so
their voices can be heard. Tor allows millions of people to protect
themselves online, no matter what privilege they have or don't have. For
our third edition of PrivChat, we are bringing you some real-life Tor
users who will share how Tor has been important for them and their work
to defend human rights and freedoms around the world.

Please spread the word! There’s an easy tweet pinned to the top of our
Twitter page: https://twitter.com/torproject/status/1334209034392465409?s=20

Hope to see you there,

Al Smith (they/them)
Fundraising • Communications
The Tor Project

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