[tor-project] Tor Browser Team Meeting Notes, 13 April 2020

Matthew Finkel sysrqb at torproject.org
Mon Apr 13 20:36:45 UTC 2020

Hi everyone,

Today we held our weekly meeting. The meeting was held on Jitsi Meet but
some notes are documented at

Highlights from the meeting:
1) My mic worked this week (yay) and we saw/heard each other (yay)

2) Last week 9.5a11 was released and that included new S27 Onion Service
usability improvements. We received a little feedback on this, but we
need more. Some websites are beginning a trial with using

3) The Anti-Censorship team asked about the status of #11698 for
distributing the Tor Browser Manual within Tor Browser (as well as on
the website). We put this on the roadmap in October 2020.

4) Maybe once per month we'll dedicate a portion of the meeting time to
discussing user/usability feedback. This should help us prioritize bugs
and improve Tor Browser, overall.

    - https://bugs.torproject.org/11698 < Can we consider this for some point post ESR transition?
    - Can we have a space once a month to share and discuss any user testing results we may have had during the previous month?

mcs and brade:
    Last week:
        - Finished reviewing the rebased updater patches (#33533).
        - Built rebased browser on macOS and did some quick tests (#33533).
        - Researched some Tor Launcher changes that are needed post-ESR68.
            - acat will fix #32174 (replace XUL <textbox> with <html:input>).
        - Commented in #33809 (Fast-Forward Tor Browser Versions).
    This week/upcoming:
        - #32418 (on every start TB complains that it can't update).
        - #33671 (Update "Get Involved" url in about:tor).

   Last Week:
   #33877: Disable Samples and Regression tests For Libevent Build - removes these for platform builds (in review) 
   #28765: LibEvent Build for Android - changed some config options, broke out some changes into #33877 (in review)
   #31499: Update libevent to 2.1.11-stable - made minor change to build with tor on linux (merged)
   #28766: Tor Build for Android - minor change to use changes in #31499 (in review)
   - Investigation in the control.txt file not being created. 
   - Linux laptop is becoming unstable with shutdowns so spent time in transition to MacBook. 
   This Week:
   # Follow up on reviews of Android Tor Support (priority)
   - #33626 Add TBB project for GeckoView

    Last week:
        - S58 triage and organisation
        - Usual trac triage
        - Wrote up some more of my certificates for onions "article"
        - S27 work completion report
    This week:
        - Tor Browser March report
        - S58 kick off call with sponsor
        - gitlab migration meeting

    Last week:
        - Helped with releases
        - Some reviews: #33845, #33749, #31499
        - Fixed an issue with nightly updates (#33864)
        - Monitored blog comments
    This week:
        - Some reviews
        - Update patch for #25102 (Add script to sign nightly build mar files ...) and open tickets for things discussed in the comments
        - Work on testsuite setup
        - Work on setup of automatic rebasing of tor-browser patches on mozilla-central
        - Work on proposal for quilt workflow


    Last week:

    - #33534 (FF release notes/tickets review)

    - finished investigating outstanding issues and filed tickets for work that needs to be done (parented to #33534)

    This week:

      - #33791 - Evaluate Firefox tests

    Last week:
        - Revised #33533 (Rebase Tor Browser esr68 patches on top of mozilla-central)
        - #33838: Update Onion-Location in tor-browser-spec
        - Spent some time investigating issue with #30832: Fix tor-browser tbb-tests
        - #33845: namecoin-torbutton.patch needs to be rebased
        - #33862: Fix usages of createTransport API
        - #33890: Rename .xul to .xhtml
        - #33892: Add brandProductName to torbutton brand localization files
        - #32174: replace XUL <textbox> with <html:input>
    Next week:
        - #31918: Rebase and squash mobile/android patches into desktop
        - Maybe some children of #33533 (Rebase Tor Browser esr68 patches on top of mozilla-central)
        - Spend 1-2 hours trying to reproduce https-everywhere bug that dgoulet experienced with #28005.

    Last week:
        Released 9.5a11 and 9.0.9
        Ticket cleanup/triage
        Code review: #28765, #28766, #32993, #33685
    This week:
        Merge tor build for android
        Review rebased tor browser patches
        Review migration tickets

Jeremy Rand:
    Last week:
        - Tagged Electrum-NMC 3.3.9 (contains a fix for #33752 among other improvements)
        - Fixed rbm-built clang in #32355
        - My mail server was down most of the week, so couldn't send r/Namecoin test reports to tor-talk.
    This week:
        - Send in a tor-browser-build patch that pulls in Electrum-NMC 3.3.9
        - Relay r/Namecoin test reports to tor-talk mailing list.
        - Hopefully get more feedback on Namecoin integration via Twitter.
        - Review patch for #32038.
        - Review patch for #30334.

Stay safe/healthy/sane everyone,

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