[tor-project] Tor Browser Team Meeting Notes, 30 March 2020

Matthew Finkel sysrqb at torproject.org
Mon Apr 13 17:55:15 UTC 2020

Hi everyone,

On 30 March we held our weekly meeting. The logs from the meeting are
available at

The highlights from that meeting are:

1) Tor Browser should provide a mechanism for disabling auto-updating, and
this will come from Firefox's Enterprise Policy system.

2) More Namecoin integration discussions



    Last week:

    - #21952 code review

    - #33534 -> auditing new/added about:config prefs

    - made it through half the diff between beta75 and esr68

    - #33707 -> updated circuit display icon

    This week:

    - #33534

    - finish the pref audit

    - consolidate notes into actionable tasks

mcs and brade:
    Last week:
        - Code reviews.
        - Spent a little time on #33667 (macOS permission change).
        - Closed #30732 ("Your Firefox is critically out of date" banner).
        - #29630 (TorBrowser creates empty directory in "/tmp”).
        - #32418 (on every start TB complains that it can't update).
            - Is everyone okay with approach 2? (see https://trac.torproject.org/projects/tor/ticket/32418#comment:9)
    This week/upcoming:
        - Review latest patch for #21952 (Onion-Location).
        - Review latest patch for #28005 (.onions in HTTPS-E).
        - Review rebased updater patches (#33533).
        - #32418 (on every start TB complains that it can't update).

    Last week:
        9.0.7 release and 9.5a9 prep
    This week:
        9.5a9 release (thanks boklm and antonela!)
        Look at H1 report
        Look at S27 tickets and catch up on that progress/status
        Catch up on Fenix and Migration status
        Misc. onion services-related emails

    Last week:
        - Helped with new release
        - Started doing some tests for quilt/patches workflow
        - Monitored blog comments
        - Looked at #33702 (RSA_get0_d could not be located in the dynamic link library tor.exe)
    This week:
        - Finish publishing 9.5a9
        - Help with build of next releases
        - Some reviews
        - Work on proposal for quilt workflow
        - Work on testsuite setup
        - Work on setup of automatic rebasing of tor-browser patches on mozilla-central

    Last week:
        - S58 organisation and set up
        - S27 wrap up
        - Trac triage
        - Figuring out S27 follow up work for Tor Browser team
    This week:
        - Tor Browser release meeting
        - More S27 wrap up and monthly report
        - Roadmapping for next few months
        - Trac triage and end/start of month maintenance
        - Figuring out S27 follow up work for Tor Browser team

   Last Week:
   #33760: Update rbm,conf for latest NDK (in-review but will certainly require additional changes before final)
   #33564: Upgrade ZSTD to use Android NDK 21 (in-review) 
   #33562: Upgrade lib event to use android NDK (complete but need to update ticket)
   #33568: Upgrade TOPL to use latest toolchain (complete)
   #33626: Add TBB project for GeckoView - working through this
   #33565: Upgrade LZMA to use Android NDK 21 (works without change) closed this issue
   Android Tor
   - tickets are still in review so didn’t make any changes
   This Week:
  # Follow up on reviews of Android Tor Support (priority)
  #33564: Upgrade tor to use Android NDK 21
  #33626: Continue work in TBB for GeckoView
  #33559: Upgrade android-tor-service to use latest android toolchain

    Last week:
        - Revised #28005 (Officially support onions in HTTPS-Everywhere to use securedrop testing update channel.)
        - Revised #21952 (Onion-location)
        - Got a tor-browser-build working for #33533 (Rebase Tor Browser esr68 patches on top of mozilla-central)
          - Manually rebased to latest central
          - Added some children tickets.
    This week:
        - Fix Tor Browser unit tests for #33533 branch (mozilla-central):
            - #30832 and children
        - Possibly some (hopefully simple) revisions of #21952 (Onion-Location) and #28005 (Https-Everywhere .tor.onion).
        - Possibly help with other tasks related to migration to rapid release cycle.

Jeremy Rand:
    Last week:
        - Got more feedback on Reddit for Namecoin integration.
        - Filed #33749, posted patch.
        - Filed #33752, debugged it a bit.
    This week:
        - Relay r/Namecoin test reports to tor-talk mailing list.
        - Hopefully get more feedback on Namecoin integration via Twitter.


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