[tor-project] Anti-censorship team monthly report: March 2020

Philipp Winter phw at torproject.org
Mon Apr 13 17:34:06 UTC 2020

Hi friends,

Here's what the anti-censorship team has accomplished in March 2020:


* Released version 0.2.2 of the Snowflake WebExtension:

* Posted a third draft of Snowflake–Turbo Tunnel packages, allowing one
  Snowflake proxy to be shared among many upstream connections

* Made some progress on debugging and detecting Snowflake proxy issues:

* Added module support to make builds and versioning easier:

* Updated versions of Snowflake and pion-webrtc in Tor Browser:

* Removed unused server-webrtc code:

* Updated Snowflake license:

* Investigated the work for making a Debian package of Snowflake:


* We added instructions to BridgeDB explaining how to add bridges on
  mobile platforms:

* Worked with the Metrics Team to add a "bridge distribution mechanism"
  field to Relay Search, allowing bridge operators to see how their
  bridge is distributed:

* Re-determined the success rate of both users and (what we believe to
  be) bots in how well they solve our newly-created BridgeDB CAPTCHAs:

* Made progress on having BridgeDB report internal metrics:

* Debugged an issue in BridgeDB's deployment scripts:

* Merged a patch (thanks to agix!) that makes BridgeDB use a CSPRNG
  when selecting cached CAPTCHAs:

* Noticed that BridgeDB wouldn't allow bridges to change their
  distribution mechanism; i.e., if a bridge is first assigned to the
  HTTP mechanism, it wasn't able to change this by setting its
  BridgeDistribution config option.  Implemented a fix for this issue:


* Patched updated procedure for Gitlab provider:

* Make sure GetTor always responds to (malformed) emails too:

* Overhaul of GetTor help and links message bodies:

* Deployed fix for ignoring quoted messages in GetTor:


* Obfs4's extra25519 dependency changed, which breaks
  versioning-agnostic builds but as long as one is using Go modules
  (like Tor Browser does), it still works:

* Merged a patch (thanks to thymbahutymba!) that makes our obfs4 docker
  image support docker-compose.  This simplifies the deployment process.


* Filed a ticket to get our noisebridge01 default bridge removed from
  Tor Browser because it no longer has a maintainer:

* Worked with prospective GSoC students on their proposals.

* Finished writing our NSF TTP grant.

* We let bridge operators of soon-to-be-obsolete versions know that it's
  time to upgrade:

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