[tor-project] Notes from Vegas Meeting APRIL 9 2020

Erin Wyatt ewyatt at torproject.org
Fri Apr 10 04:03:55 UTC 2020

Vegas Team Meeting Notes
April 9 2020


1. Network health work (sbws, reacting to issues with bandwith authorities)
2. More work on the licensing/copyright issue for TPI folks
3. Planning for the coming weeks and months

1. migrated trac/troodi, forrestii/fpcentral to the new ganeti cluster
2. tweaked monitoring for the ganeti cluster so we see total memory usage, opened #33810 to followup on more monitoring work
3. established roadmap for the CRM machine migration with hiro, #32198
4. *finally*, chiwui retired (our last "jessie"/LTS machine) #29399
5. routine (reboots, patch review, email aliases, pgp key updates

1. Promoting Stellar org XLM match
2. Preparing for webinar next week
3. OTF learning lab reviewing
4. Media inquiries
5. Working on Community Portal

1. Prep for Monday's funder webinar. We currently have 12 attendees.
2. Received a total of $5,300 from Stellar campaign so far. $500 (so far) of that will be matched at the end of April.
3. Attending webinars about fundraising in this crazy time.

1. Reviewing DocsHackathon pull requests.
2. Schedule online session "Tor UX Feedback, Challenges, and Lessons Learned from At-risk user" with a partner in Uganda.
3. Contacted training partners in global south to check how they're doing on this crisis.
4. Updated Tor people page with latest membership audit.
5. Answering Outreachy candidates.
6. Working on Community portal public launch.

1. Team seems to be doing well.
2. Roadmap meeting went well.
3. Back at doing regular Gitlab status meetings.
4. Ongoing development: working on Windows things this week.

1. HR/Ops stuff

1. Continuing to write various non-technical documents
2. Sent Isa a draft for Vegas meeting format based on team feedback and hers
3. Isa stuff...calendar, reminders, etc...
4. Finished draft for syncing NextCloud calendars to Thunderbird. https://nc.torproject.net/f/28943 \o/

1. S27 end of month and work completion reports
2. Research on certificate options for Onion services
3. GSoC and Outreachy wrangling
4. Preparing for public launch of Community Portal week after next
5. Kicking off S58
6. Working a checklist for what needs to be done when releasing new features in Tor Browser.
7. Usual trac triage, mailing list moderation and general admin

1. Roadmap for teams
2. S30 Q2 report
3. HS DoS defenses proposal meeting with funder
4. Gitlab migration gets weekly meetings now

1. Worked with OTF applicants to get them a letter of support from Tor
2. Made good progress on sponsor 30; in particular creating feedback loop between BridgeDB and OONI
3. Reviewed Tor safety board submission
4. Got in touch with noisebridge person, and we may still have a new noisebridge default bridge
5. More sponsor 30 business as usual

1. Regular work with s9, s30 and planning s58
2. Working on finishing OnionBrowser UI/UX review to share with Guardian
3. Moving OTF learning lab work forward
4. Working on community.torproject.org final release
5. Waiting for TB 9.5a11 release

1. Organized documents for Board meeting and did Board meeting on wednesday
2. Working on the presentation for foundations on monday
3. Having meetings w/ sponsors and major donors

1. working on walking onions, reviews, etc
2. need to help pick outreachy/gsoc applicants by end of next week
3. likely next tor release ( on Friday. Or Monday.

1. Working on HS DoS proposal
2. Working on congestion control trajectory mail

1. About to update user number estimates (#18167, #18203).

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