[tor-project] Notes from Vegas team meeting September 26

Erin Wyatt ewyatt at torproject.org
Fri Sep 27 16:21:52 UTC 2019

Items Discussed:

+ Gaba:
	-  Ongoing discussion: We checked with Gitlab to see if we could get a license for the ultimate tier (https://about.gitlab.com/pricing/#self-managed) and we could get it for free because we are an open source project. thoughts? Features comparison: https://about.gitlab.com/pricing/self-managed/feature-comparison/ <https://about.gitlab.com/pricing/self-managed/feature-comparison/>
	* Discussion: Many people are wary of hosting or depending on proprietary software, but we use proprietary software for other things. Some team really want and need it, others are not so sure. Most want to try and see how it goes and all present at the meeting agreed to proceed; a few are very hesitant and followed up the meeting by email for further discussion, so we shall have further discussion.

+ Georg:
	-  Planning for Mozilla All Hands, FOSDEM, ShmooCon.  Who goes where? [For where we are with this item regarding planning see notes from last week.]; all of them moving along.
	* Discussion: general (continued) discussion about the conferences; We need to decide on a main track talk to submit to FOSDEM asap. Re: schmoocon - waiting to hear if we have a boot.

+ Pili:
	-  Should we participate in Hacktoberfest as project maintainers? (https://hacktoberfest.digitalocean.com/faq/)
	*  Discussion: questions about what would be required of us. Answer: we can tag issues in github with hacktoberfest if we want to encourage people but otherwise people can just participate without us getting involved. If we really wanted to go for it, we might want to run some sort of social media campaign about it e.g about contributing to open source projects but not sure we have the capacity for this right now.
	  Which repos would be participating then? website? community? is this similar to the docshackaton?
	  OONI will participate.

+ Antoine
-  just FYI: opened up grafana semi-publicly see the beautiful dashboards at https://grafana.torproject.org/


General Notes:

1. Tea time on #tor-internal - will follow up on edits of employee handbook w/ erin
2. Last week in Seattle I worked w/ Sue on auditors requests, also met w/ a major donor in Seattle
3. Helped review and submit 2 proposals for DRL (done last Friday)
4. Catching up with backlog of emails (to sponsors and donors)
5. Met with OutRight for possible partnership on trainings
6. Will be part of a webinar on 'there is no dark web'

1. DRL scalability proposal submitted by Al last week
2. Sponsor 30 signed and officially starting.
3. Checking anti-censorship roadmap
4. Small tasks
5. Gitlab moving forward. New meeting next week.

1. Getting a lot of help from Nick and Gaba with the transition work that is happening.
2. Building an overview of all the deliverables for the team in the near'ish future.
3. Working on Tor PT related tickets and Tor 0.4.2 tickets.
4. Continue progress on Gitlab migration.

1. Pili and I submitted an outreachy proposal for Community Team, "Help Tor Project support our users"
- https://www.outreachy.org/apply/project-selection/#tor-project
2. Wrapping up #DocsHackathon
3. A lot of work on support portal - migrating resources from old FAQ
4. Answering RT/frontdesk
5. Working on S9 partnership agreement with local trainers
6. Blog comments layout: asked a Drupal freelancer to take a look and give an answer to us until next Monday (oct 1)
7. If you're going to FOSDEM, please help to fill this wiki page: https://trac.torproject.org/projects/tor/wiki/org/meetings/2020Brussels

1. Took three classes on CiviCRM last week. Prepping database for EOY campaign emails.
2. Sending Isa's vision update to donors who have not yet given this year.
3. Working to set up Uphold account so we can access Brave reward tips sent to us.
4. Continuing to plan for party in Boston on October 28th. Let me know if you know someone who should be invited. <-- what is the profile of people that could be invited? --> Ideally we are looking for people who could now or eventually be a major donor - $1K+ per year.

1. EOY prep
2. Outreachy initial application closed. Contributions begin Oct 1, then we choose interns after a contribution period.
3. Drafted 'there is no dark web' presentation for a Friday call with DC area folks
4. Editing the community portal
5. Newsletter draft in the works
6. Working with emma on a post for International Translation Day

1. Updating the UX Team roadmap.
2. S9
 	2.1 regular website maintenance/review.
 	2.2 community.tpo.org/user-research needs content review
 	2.3 Narriral contract ends this week. We organized the user research done in 2018 and Q1/Q2 2019, wrote reports and set up the process for future user research with communities.
3. S27
  	3.1 The UX part of O2A1, O2A3, O2A5 is done
  	3.2 progress with .onion errors (O2A2, O2A4)
  	3.x are our OTF sponsors reports public? If yes, should we share those with OTF lists or TPO lists (even better)?
4. TB9.0
 	4.1 network settings UI review, dunqan will work on the onboarding update (#31768)
 	4.2 working on new identity UI
 	4.3 doing UI QA with TBA and TB alphas
5. OONI Probe UI/UX tasks
6. Reviewing Tunde's OTF progress
7. Working on the EOY Campaign

1. just FYI: opened up grafana semi-publicly see the beautiful dashboards at https://grafana.torproject.org/
2. worked around stability issue on the new ganeti cluster, which has now entered a production phase with two new web mirrors in place
3. continued Puppet refactoring, review and cleanup, as usual
4. will send announcement for LDAP sudo changes tomorrow, pending for 3 years now
5. grafana dashboards now have support for "per role" displays (e.g. "show me the bandwidth usage of all the web mirrors")

1. Helped with paper review
2. A lot of esr68 transition work

1. Circuit padding doc work
2. Paper review
3. Circuit padding bugs/ticket comments
4. Need to not be distracted by urgent things for next 2-3 weeks (lol), or ESR code review won't finish :/

1. Launched the new OONI Explorer, yay! https://ooni.org/post/next-generation-ooni-explorer/
2. Working on infrastructure cleanup
3. Preparing release of OONI Probe mobile 2.2.0
4. Investigating blocking of media sites in Egypt
7. A lot of progress on the data analysis fastpath that will allow near-realtime publication of data as well as generating alerts for blocking events

1. Planning roadmaps for October
2. Working on S27 month end and work completion reports
3. Worked on Outreachy project for Community Team
4. Working on handing over parts of the website to new owners
5. Dockshackathon wrap up tasks
6. Still evaluating whether we want to participate in Hacktoberfest and how
7. Tor Browser release meeting
8. Hope to get around to more Fosdem organisation soon

1. Ongoing discussions with Georg and Pili for transitioning Tor Browser team lead
2. 68esr transition work, with a focus on Android
3. Beginning to look at important Tor Browser tickets we should work before the end of the year

1. Working on handbook clarifications
2. Exploring possibility of moving Seattle to small/cheap space in lieu of closing

1. Added new default bridges and coordinated with operates of prospective private/default bridges
2. More work on improving obfs4's flow shape, and making obfs4 client store state
3. Worked with new obfs4 bridge operators (useful feedback on our guides is still coming in)
4. More progress with snowflake's new client/server protocol
5. Worked on BridgeDB Sponsor 30 deliverables
6. Helped with paper review

1. Made several smaller improvements to the code base (#31649, #31599)

1. Various documentation/text tasks
2. Team is working on 0.4.2 stability
3. Talked with group working on gathering at Wendy's place.

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