[tor-project] Tor Browser team Meeting Notes, 23 September 2019

Matthew Finkel sysrqb at torproject.org
Tue Sep 24 16:38:54 UTC 2019


We held our weekly Tor Browser meeting yesterday in #tor-meeting2. Here
is the IRC log:

>From the weekly updates, we discussed some details around hardening Tor
Browser on Windows. We also discussed upcoming work by the Guardian
related to Tor integration in Android apps and how we can benefit from
as well as working together. In particular, the discussion focused on
and learning from each other.

There will be a Tor Browser Release Meeting on Wednesday, 25th September

at 18UTC on #tor-meeting.

There was a discussion point about testing nightly builds with FuzzyFox
the near future, but that discussion was postponed until another

Below are the notes from our meeting pad:

    9.0a7 release this week?
    Should we think about enabling fuzzyfox on nightly after 68esr
rebasing is completed (maybe after 9.0)?
mcs and brade (will miss the meeting):
    Last week:
        - Helped with #31303 (Browser Toolbox fails to open when
tor-launcher is present).
        - Created fixup patches for #30429 (Rebase Tor Browser patches
for Firefox ESR 68).
        - Created patches for #31491 (clean up the old meek http helper
browser profiles).
        - More debugging for #31607 (App menu items stop working).
            - The fix still eludes us; we reached out to Mozilla for
     This week:
        - Vacation.

acat (will miss the meeting):
    Last week:
        - 31303: Browser Toolbox fails to open when tor-launcher is
        - Localization issues: #28196 and #31747.
        - Revised .onion security expectations patch in #30429.
        - #27601: backported some fixes
        - Investigated #15563: ServiceWorkers violate first party
        - Fixed #31574: TypeError: addon is null with Tor Browser based
on ESR 68
        - Revised patch for #31575: Firefox is phoning home during
start-up in Tor Browser based on ESR 68
    This week:
        - Finish fixing Localization issues: #28196 and #31747.
        - #30504: Investigate if New Identity works properly after
moving to ESR 68
        - Revise .onion security expectations patch in #30429.
        - #30463: Make sure telemetry reporting is disabled in Tor
Browser 9
        - Try to finally get
https://bugzilla.mozilla.org/show_bug.cgi?id=1573276 landed

      Last Week:
          - Firefox bug review (#31597)
          - stack smashing protection for Firefox on Windows (#29013)
          - work on create dependencies file issue (#31568)
          -  lots of reviews (#30429, #30943, #31646, #31491, #31303,
#31574, #31448, #27601, #25483, #31192)
       This Week:
          - Firefox bug review (#31597)
          - stack smashing protection for Firefox on Windows (#29013)
          - reviews
          - release prep for 9.0a7
          - will be afk tomorrow

    Last week:
        - Investigated autocomplete on Android not working (#31720)
        - Updated branch for PBM autostart on Android (#31010)
        - Created patch for showing Tor Browser version on about:tor on
Android (#30943)
        - Created patch for Android x86_64 support (#31192)
    This week:
        - Finish autocomplete on Android not working (#31720)
        - Finishing Android 68esr rebase (#31010)
        - Look into Security Slider rendering bug on Android (#31822)
        - release prep

    Last week:
        - rebased my #31286 (bridge settings) work against ESR68 branch
and fixed various issues surrounding that
        - implemented proxy settings read/write from/to Tor daemon
        - populating UI with read proxy settings
        - integrated antonela's new Tor icon :)
    This Week:
        - port over the SETCONF logic (so settings are actually saved)
        - feed proxy settings to BridgeDB when requesting bridges
        - firewall settings/read/write populate
        - traveling mid-week but will be on this weekend

 - Kept bugging for feedback on wasm-in-extensions
 - Have been (slowly) investigating cppunittest failures on esr68 and if
there are bad implications from that
 - Have been working (slowly) on making outer-window-size spoofing the
default in Firefox. Lots of tests (failures) to update
 - Haven't started this, but the rust networking check we have for 68
needs to be redone with a new strategy

    Last week:
        - Some reviews:
            - #31564 (Android bundles based on ESR 68 are not built
reproducibly anymore)
            - #31584 (Clean up mingw-w64 project)
        - Looked at #31729 (Warning about missing GTK wayland related
packages in configure script)
        - Made patch for #31646 (Update abicheck to require newer
    This week:
        - Work on #18867 (Ship auto-updates for Tor Browser nightly
channel) and sub-tickets
        - Review #27493 ('mk_add_options' or 'export' MOZILLA_OFFICIAL),
#30334 (build_go_lib for executables), #29187 (Bump NSIS version to
        - Will be afk tomorrow (Tuesday)

    - #31286 - TB9 Network Settings, added some missed assets
        - Filed #31768 - TB9 Net Settings Onboarding
    - #30022, #30025 - S27 Onion, Errors and Tor Browser this week. I
have a lot of questions, so please be patient :)
    - #27511 - TB9? New Identity, nah are running user research in
Brasil with a journalists group

    Last Week:
  - #31192: Support x86_64: made changes and verified this works on
  - #31564: Android Reproducibility: Upgraded to Buster. Still need to
test if build works with JDK 11
   This week:
  - 31564 - upgrade JDK and verify build with latest apktool from buster
  - Submit merge request for tor-android-library with latest version of

    Last Week:
        - I was sick all week, so I mostly did mindless size
optimization of tor for Android
https://github.com/guardianproject/tor-android/issues/18, but it looks
like it'll shave 1-2MB of each arch
        - I was not able to get -ffunction-sections and -gc-sections
going, which was standard part of Android ndk-build. It seems to be
removed from clang builds though.
        - I started moving Android config into tor/configure.ac's
--enable-android flag 
    This Week:
        - native Android TorService that links in tor daemon as a shared
        - how best to share build setups and/or binaries between Tor
Browser and others

    Last week:
        - S27 meeting
        - Roadmap gardening
    This week:
        - Tor Browser Release meeting
        - S27 September report
        - More roadmap gardening 
            - We have so far planned for 85.15 points worth of work when
we have a capacity of 79 points for the month which is not bad for our
first time doing this
            - Please update the actual points for the issues you have
worked on:
        - #26345
        - #27399
        - #27601
        - #30683
        - #30384
        - #31308
        - #31448
        - #31491
        - #31604
        - #31606
        - #31646    
        - #31656
    - Please add points estimation for the following tickets:
        - #19417
        - #30036
        - #30460
        - #30461
        - #31778
        - #31641

Have a good week!

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