[tor-project] Invitation to virtual learning session: Online Anonymity, privacy, the Tor Browser and more

Allen Gunn gunner at aspirationtech.org
Mon Sep 16 04:07:38 UTC 2019

Hi Tor friends and future friends,

I hope this finds you well.

With apologies for vacation-induced late notice, we are hosting a free
virtual learning session this Tuesday 17th on "Online Anonymity,
privacy, the Tor Browser and more"

Details are here:


It's taking place at 2pm California US PT time.

We would welcome anyone interested to join. Disclaimers, confessions and
apologies below :^)

Big big thanks to Alison and Gus for sharing their latest Tor slides
with us, we'll be incorporating a number of those.

And if anyone wants to see the "privacy/anonymity" material beforehand
and share tough love to help us make it better, hit me up off-list and
I'm happy to share the pad where we have drafted the slides.

Few comments/respectful apologies:

* Sorry it's not offered at a Europe-, Africa- or Asia-friendly time,
this is primarily  for our California US network, but I wanted to make
sure you all know about it. We are happy to offer these at any time of
day if there is interest.

* Also sorry we are doing it on the corporate Zoom platform, we just
have not found a free/open live video platform that meets our
reliability needs. I welcome you to educate me off-list on platforms you
think might be worth exploring. Too many jit.si servers have broken our
hearts too many times, especially as participant counts grow.

* That also means that we don't have an in-Tor-browser option, again
happy to discuss how we might offer Tor-browser-friendly online learning
moving forward.

* BUT we'll be recording the session and making it available in some
hopefully-friendly formats (.ogg I believe) once things are done.

* AND for anyone with ability and willingness to dial a US toll-free
number, there is that option for audio-only. BYOBP (Bring Your Own
Burner Phone ;^)

* Final apology with custom support offer! You don't have to use the
annoying corporate registration system to join, just hit me up off list
and I can share whatever details you need.

OK, that's a lot of disclaimers, hope some of you can join, and I look
forward to feedback from any who have time to offer the same before,
during and after.



Allen Gunn
Executive Director, Aspiration

Aspiration: "Better Tools for a Better World"

Read our Manifesto: https://aspirationtech.org/publications/manifesto

Twitter:  www.twitter.com/aspirationtech

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