[tor-project] Notes from Vegas team meeting September 5th

Erin Wyatt ewyatt at torproject.org
Thu Sep 12 02:46:19 UTC 2019

Notes for SEPTEMBER 5 2019:


+  Nextcloud: who makes the decision on which route/option to go?  Anarcat and his team?
	- Tor have its own NC instance, and to migrate to that one
	- Tor continues using the 'shared' NC one of riseup.
	- Riseup setup a NC instance only for Tor and maintain it
	- Riseup setup a NC instance only for Tor that is maintained by Tor sysadmin team

Discussion: sysadmin team has a lot to maintain now, NC might be a stretch in the short term but makes sense in the long term; another option is to let rise maintain it, though it would be hard to extract our stuff in the future; we need a migration plan to move storm to rise up and also an exit strategy out of riseup in the future; anarcat will bring it up in next TPI meeting;

+  Gus and Pili would like to start sharing the Partnership agreement with partners/Sponsor 9.

Discussion: We passed it along to Julius and Wendy for comments; Isa will pass it along to SIDA for review/comments.

+  We should confirm/clarify what counts as a trademark violation see: https://lists.torproject.org/pipermail/tor-project/2019-January/002186.html

Discussion: People think the line is if someone is making money out of our trademark; Nick suggests we talk to lawyers about it so we don't lose our trademark; Isa suggests linux foundation, EFF, or OTF Legal Lab might be able to help w/ a lawyer for this; Isa will do a review of the issue and start drafting a letter for what we need.


+  Other Discussion: People asking about an org chart, and it turns out, Bekeela just made one! We'll find a place to post the anonymized one.



1. Docshackathon and bridges promotion
2. Posts: Browser fingerprinting and Orfox sunsetting. Next: Onion Browser, Tor trainings
3. Coordinating Bitcoin Magazine podcast — After talking with Isa, they want to do a longer series on Tor with a few people. Another interview in the works.
4. Locking down on a several page fundraising deck for next week
5. Preparing for the EOY fundraising campaign, mapping out content and messaging
6. Pitched an exclusive story idea to a journalist
7. Items on deck: next demystifying dark web page edit, community portal review, relay campaign

1. Back from emergency surgery and recovering.
2. Nextcloud: not sure if we still need to have this discussion here or anarcat and team has all the info to move forward.
3. Scalability proposals moving forward.

1. Work on Tor Browser releases (the alpha should be based on ESR 68 now)

1. Transferred apple dev credential to  Pili.  Successfully?  Let's see!

1. Attended cryptocurrency and nonprofit meetup at GivingBlock in DC.
2. EOY campaign coordination.
3. Major donor meetings and event coordination.
4. Updates to donate pages.

1. Worked with new bridge operators as part of our obfs4 bridge campaign. Fixed a bunch of issues in our docs.
2. Published a simple prototype for obfs4 flow obfuscation.
3. Coordinated GetTor progress among anti-censorship team.
4. Published monthly anti-censorship report.
5. More work on pion WebRTC library for snowflake and proxy/broker protocol.

1. Bridges campaign: reach out some partners EDRi and Access Now (probably they will run some bridges for us)
2. Frontdesk: RT backlog: answered +700 RT tickets. There are still ~170 remaining (mostly bridges and orbot)
3. DocsHackathon - busy week! Going well, a lot of pull requests <3
4. Pushing more content to Community Portal

1. OTF Proposal for Browser Team submitted
2. Working on DRL Proposal for Community/UX
3. Docs Hackathon is running this week. Closed 30 tickets so far across Tor Manual, Support Portal and tpo.org
4. Moving forward with website maintenance plans
5. S27 Monthly report was submitted last week.
6. Looking into participating in other volunteer programs such as Hacktoberfest, Outreachy and Google Code-in
7. Finally transitioning last Orfox users to TBA!!! Thanks to Guardian Project and everyone else who has helped to push this over the line.
8. Mostly AFK next week, travelling, holidays and speaking at a conference

1. End-month duties
2. The #docshackathon is doing great! helping on what is needed
3. Meetings this week and next week in ny

1. f2f sync with Nah (UX research contractor) about how Tor works and our projects
2. f2f sync w/ Antonela (on Friday)
3. prep work /w Sarah and Beth for my meetings w/ donors this coming week
4. finishing preparations for audit (me and Sue will be in Seattle starting this coming week for our annual auditing process)
5. prep work for YE campaign, closing up BugSmashFund campaign
6. coordinating a talk in Brazil at USP São Carlos, at the end of the month

1. So close to being done with handbook!
2. Organizing personnel files in anticipation of audit
3. General HR stuff

1. back from vacation, handling backlog

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