[tor-project] Follow up Gitlab next steps (Re: update on ticket system discussion)

teor teor at riseup.net
Mon Sep 9 00:42:56 UTC 2019


> On 7 Sep 2019, at 06:52, Gaba <gaba at torproject.org> wrote:
> With Pili we have been working on this document to compare features
> between trac and gitlab as well as proposal for a structure and
> workflows. Please take a look and send
> comments/feedback/edits/adds/questions.
> https://nc.riseup.net/s/SnQy3yMJewRBwA7
> It seems that the next step will be to get together between everybody
> interested in this transition (or in not doing it) and discuss this plan
> as well as how to move forward.
> We are going to meet on
> September 17th, at 18UTC in #tor-meeting
> Please, send me, pili or to the mailing list any comment if you can not
> make it to the meeting.

Here are my comments:

1. The document is really long, and I don't have time to read it all in detail.

What's the best way to get:
* a summary of what is happening,
* the big changes between trac and gitlab, and
* the important things we will lose if we move to gitlab
* anything else I will be surprised or disappointed to learn later

2. What about ticket numbers?

The proposal is to change all the ticket numbers when we move to gitlab.
For many of us that's a blocker, or a huge process change.

Is there any way we can preserve ticket numbers?

If not, what tools are we going to use to make that change easier?
For example, we could make bugs.torproject.org redirect the trac ticket numbers
to the correct ticket in gitlab.

4. How are we going to replace wiki pages with ticket queries?

The network team (and some other teams) use a lot of wiki pages with ticket
queries to track status.

Are we going to replace these wiki pages with Kanbans?
Can a ticket be on multiple Kanbans in different places?
(For example, a CI ticket might be on the CI Kanban, and the release Kanban.)

5. What about testing the migration?

Here are the "next steps" from your last email, and my suggested "test" step:

>> On 30 Jul 2019, at 01:07, Gaba <gaba at torproject.org> wrote:
>> Before moving forward we need:
>> 1. Consensus or a clear compromise on what to move into.
>> 2. A plan on how the migration to a new ticketing system will happen. I
>> started drafting it here (thinking that Gitlab would be the new one)
>> [8]. This plan is still a work in progress and we will continue doing it
>> when we all agree on which system to move into.
> 3. A test migration, so we can check that our plan works the way that we
> expect.


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