[tor-project] Notes from Vegas Team meeting August 29th

Erin Wyatt ewyatt at torproject.org
Wed Sep 4 18:57:02 UTC 2019

Notes from August 29 2019 Vegas Team meeting:


+ (Gaba) Nextcloud next steps: Thoughts on this options?
	- Tor have its own NC instance, and to migrate to that one
	- Tor continues using the 'shared' NC one of riseup.
	- Riseup setup a NC instance only for Tor and maintain it
	- Riseup setup a NC instance only for Tor that is maintained by Tor sysadmin team

	Discussion highlight(s): Gaba and anarcat are both afk today; table discussion until they're back.

+ (Mike) Weighing whether to focus on Sponsor2 vs. ESR

	Discussion highlight(s): Mike was not present at the meeting, so folks were unsure whether this was about the final report (which became due September 1 and will be overdue December 30th if not submitted) or another question/issue related to the work w/ the sponsor. We will follow up with Mike for clarification.

+ (Pili) Re: migration to gitlab - should we migrate the Orbot ticket component in trac to a project in gitlab for tracking Orbot issues?
	- Since Guardian Project have?/will have? their own gitlab instance, it doesn't seem necessary but I would like us to discuss before making a decision (possibly with them also as a second step.)
	- Also, what about HTTPSEverywhere?

	Discussion highlight(s):
	• General agreement that it's not necessary/helpful to migrate the Orbot ticket component, we will communicate this with them by email; we will contact Guarding Project and EFF re: questions around httpseverywhere.

+ (Gus) Re: blog template that is killing geko's soul little by little
	- https://trac.torproject.org/projects/tor/ticket/31114; hiro is the person to talk to; following up with hiro, pili, anto by email.



    We are moving to nextcloud and shutting down storm.torproject.org.  Notes from "nextcloud at Tor" meeting here: https://lists.torproject.org/pipermail/tor-project/2019-August/002446.html Options that will be taken to the sysadmin team by Linus:
	• Tor have its own NC instance, and to migrate to that one
	• Tor continues using the 'shared' NC one of riseup.
	• Riseup setup a NC instance only for Tor and mantain it
	• Riseup setup a NC instance only for Tor that is mantained by Tor sysadmin team
5. S31 on 'refactoring' is moving forward. This week we will have check-in meeting.
6. Gettor is back - Hiro is having Thursday to work on it.
7. IPv6 proposal done
8. Small gardening tasks on roadmaps.
9. Still slowly working on migration plan.

  0. Medical leave (no I'm not gonna die soon and if you think I will, I might still find a way to cut you after I'm gone ;)
  1. Finishing sponsor2 circuit padding framework documentation

1 Promoting next week’s DocsHackathon
2 Launched campaign to run bridges. Will promote through September
3 Received a round of edits for a page demystifying the dark web. Need to also update onion services pages on the community portal
4 Preparing donor materials including a 1.5 page overview + other pages for a complete deck
5 Went to NYU to meet about office space, just waiting for an ID! Also finding out if we can have a table at CSAW in November.
6 August newsletter coming out this week
7 EOY campaign planning
8 Campaigning for companies to run relays next on deck
9 Met about lessons learned from def con to prepare for upcoming cons
10 Podcast coordination
11 Seeing about having a Tor comic book to offer as a gift for donors

1 042 series will freeze on Sep 15. Make sure we know about must-fix issues.  If they are not marked 042-must, please mark them and say why.
2 team trying to wrap up 042 stuff, fix bugs, etc
3 seems relatively stable so far?

1. EOY campaign calendar and talking with stakeholders
2. Planning Boston event
3. Getting ready to launch major donor webpage
4. Working on various edits to donate.tpo pages
5. afk Friday 8/30

1 Started obfs4 bridge setup campaign with Steph's help
2 Interacted with prospective default bridge operators after Roger sent a bunch of emails
3 Caught up on website fingerprinting literature and thought about how it should inform our obfs5 design
4 Progress with both BridgeDB and snowflake

1 Busy with ESR 68 migration; first alpha based on that is hopefully coming out next week
2 Went to CCCamp and our talk went well
3 Trying to get back to email conversations I've dropped during the last couple of weeks

1. Back from CCCamp
2. Working on Docs Hackathon preps (Sept 2nd - 6th) - https://blog.torproject.org/join-tors-docshackathon-next-week
3. (almost) Finished last week RT frontdesk gap; still ~900 in the queue

1. Browser Team roadmapping
2. OTF Proposal for Browser Team
3. Lots of meetings this week - DRL proposal, websites maintenance, tor browser tasks re-org, tor browser release meeting
4. Docs Hackathon
5. S27 August report
6. Trying to find some time to work on my slides for a talk on Onion service web APIs

1. Reviewing all stuff necessary for auditors
2. Reviewing proposals which deadline is on the 1st
3. Met w/ Alison here in nyc
4. Other meetings - kick off OONI transition discussion/planning; Sync w/ Beth; website long term maintenance meeting;
5. Planning different trips/meetings in September; YE campaign; Reviewing 'there is no darkweb' webpage content
6. start drafting reorg letter and personas letter

1. handbook handbook. we think version 1 is almost done!
2. working on some stuff for the audit
3. general HR stuff
4. reminder - Monday is a US federal holiday

1 moving ux team material and reporting to an open repository > https://dip.torproject.org/torproject/ux/research
2 the ux team now have a kanban with our roadmap > https://dip.torproject.org/groups/torproject/ux/-/boards
3 working with TB9.0 network settings (#31286) and synced with phw on s30 iteration
4 speaking at MediaParty in BA > https://sched.co/UESp
5 making the first feminist security conference in argentina > https://notpinkcon.org/#
6 cross-team meetings, websites maintenance, community drl soi, ux roadmapping, docshackaton

1. Discussed two funding proposals related to metrics work.
2. Made some progress on getting Snowflake and BridgeDB data archived by CollecTor.

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