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sajolida sajolida at pimienta.org
Thu Oct 31 20:34:00 UTC 2019

Rafael Bonifaz:
> Hello,

Hi Rafael,

I'm answering on tails-dev at boum.org, which is the mailing list for Tails
development. I put tor-project at lists.torproject.org in copy once, for
the others to know that the discussion moved to tails-dev at boum.org :)

> In CAD, the organization I work for, we created some simple scripts to
> setup a Mumble server in Tails and published it as Onion Service. We
> wrote a blog post about it and we would be very happy if you have the
> time to read, tested and give some feedback.
> English version:
> https://autonomia.digital/tails/mumble/anonymity/2019/10/09/tails-mumble.html
> Spanish version:
> https://autonomia.digital/es/tails/mumble/anonymity/2019/10/09/tails-mumble.html
> Remember it is just a proof of concept.

Thanks for developing new ways of using Tails :)

We've been looking into adding VoIP support to Tails for years but we
don't have a proper solution yet, so experiments are always interesting!

Funnily, we experimented a bit with Mumble as well ourselves. At some
point, we even had internal Tails meetings over Mumble running from
Tails. Since then we moved to non-Torified VoIP solutions because of the
bad UX of Mumble (poor sound quality and complex + fragile audio setup).

In 2016, we also had a GSoC project on something we called "Tails
Server" and that included being able to run a Mumble server from Tails:


The future of Tails Server is now uncertain.

We might resume the work on Mumble from Tails if we had good clues that
it would be an important solution for many people. From our short
experience internally, we have serious doubts that it would.

But maybe your experience could help us in this regard. How was your
solution received in Ecuador? Do you have any success stories of less
tech-savvy people using it successfully? (I'm guessing that the timing
of your email has to do with the recent political events in Ecuador.)

If you are interested in improving and maintaining your scripts, it
might be possible for us to replicate your instructions in the "Advanced
topics" section of our doc, making them a bit more official, and have
interested people download the scripts from there. It might give us a
bit more information about how popular such a solution would be.

Also, would you be interested if we mentioned your instructions in our
monthly community report for October?

See for example: https://tails.boum.org/news/report_2019_09/


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