[tor-project] Network Team Meeting Notes, 28 October 2019

Alexander Færøy ahf at torproject.org
Wed Oct 30 09:17:35 UTC 2019


Here is a short summary of the network team meeting from Monday:

1) We started out by looking at the 0.4.2 status page on Trac to see how we are
   doing there.

2) We went over our Kanban board.

3) We went over our review queue. Did a few delegations.

4) People were reminded to fill out October status report.

5) We discussed the next steps from the C style survey by Nick. Nick is going
   to send initial thoughts to the network-team mailing list and we will discuss
   it from there.

6) We discussed getting some more review eyes on #32103 -- Nick volunteered to
   work with Catalyst on this.

7) Nobody had anything additional to discuss.

--- end of summary ---

You can read today's network team meeting log at:


Below are the contents of our meeting pad:

gaba: (updated on september 30th)
    Last week (actual):
    up to date with trac & gitlab
    This week (planned):
    Help with:

teor: (online first week of the month, offline at the usual meeting time)
    Week of 21 October (planned):
        Take Time for:
            - team policies:
                - commit bit
            - backports
            - Sponsor 31 modularisation: disable relay mode when compiling
              - Disable major relay and dirauth options, when those modules are disabled
            - Add tor controller trace logging to diagnose stem hangs (#30901)
                - continue work
            - Keep on revising monotime coarse stamp bug fix

    Week of 21 October (actual):
            - CI issues #32177 - resolved by Travis, mitigated by deleting build jobs
        Take Time for:
            - team policies:
                - commit bit - voting!
            - backports & backport deciding
        0.4.2 bugs:
            - Made progress on Avoid possible overflow when converting between coarse stamp to approx ms #31482
              - (Prioritised Sponsor 31 over some fixes, due to deadlines)
            - Sponsor 31 modularisation: disable relay mode when compiling
              - Made progress on Disable major relay and dirauth options, when those modules are disabled #32213
              - List of code chunks to disable - children of #31851
            - Merged Sponsor 31: coccinelle tooling and CI checks (#31919)
            - Reviews and merged for Nick's Sponsor 31 work
            - Fixes on merge_ready and merged code (#31684, #31762, others)
            - Bug fixes, ticket triage, and extra reviews
            - Helping with cross-compiling issues

    Week of 21 October (planned):
        - Finish 31999 (default log handling)
        - Reviews and merges
        - 042-should TBD
        - Prepare for fundraising/outreach event at Wendy's next week.
        - Work on config.c verification refactor (31241)
        - Help with relay modularization (31851)
        - More high-level documentation
        - Edit collaborative blog post
        - Start working on
        - PETS meta-review
    Week of 21 October (actual):
        - Finish 31999 (default log handling)
        - Finished config.c verification refactor (31241)
        - Reviews and merges
        - Prepare for fundraising/outreach event at Wendy's.
        - More high-level documentation
        - Lots more doxygen work.
        - Started backports for
        - PETS meta-review
        - Released
        - Coccinelle tooling
    Week of 28 October (planned):
        - Event at Wendy's
        - 042-should TBD
        - Finish all support code for 29211.
        - Start revisions on paper with Ian & Chelsea?
        - Documentation work
        - Help with relay modularization (31851)
        - Discuss C style survey results.

    Week of 10/21 (planned):
        - Work with Tobias on circpad simulator issues (https://trac.torproject.org/projects/tor/ticket/31788)
        - Blog post writing
        - Begin wrapping up Sponsor2
        - Work on Research Director Roles Description
        - Catch back up on network-team mails
        - Catch back up with tor-scaling mails
    Week of 10/21 (actual):
        - Work with Tobias on circpad simulator issues (https://trac.torproject.org/projects/tor/ticket/31788)
        - Worked on Research Director Roles Description
        - Catch back up on network-team mails
        - Catch back up with tor-scaling mails
    Week of 10/28 (planned):
        - Write a circpad doc section on formalization of machine computation and why we chose state machines
        - Look into circpad bugs asn filed last month that I missed (#30992, #32040, #32140) <-- (gaba: should it makes sense to assign those tickets to you if you are working on them? - #32140 is on asn's plate - you also had #28804)
        - Look into circpad bugs RIT folks found
        - Sync with Tobias wrt simulator changes
        - Maybe write blog post on fingerprinting research paper?
    Need help with/at risk of dropping this month: 
        - Deep-thought-required research project followup 
          - (Google masque, BGP, ECN, Rob's bw experiments, Dennis's Mozilla video, etc etc...)

    week of 10/21 (2019-W43) (planned):
        - reviews
        - more GSoD stuff
    week of 10/21 (2019-W43) (actual):
        - more GSoD stuff
        - split swati's work into multiple commits for easier reviewing and merging
        - sponsor31 meeting
        - created child tickets to #29215 (document new architecture) and assigned some
        - did extra review of #31919 (coccinelle check-local target and git hooks)
    week of 10/28 (2019-W44) (planned):
        - reviews
        - sponsor31 tickets (children of #29215, etc)
        - GSoD stuff as neeeded
    help with:
        - maybe some extra review on the threading stuff in #32103?

   [Currently in Tim's timezone so not able to attend meeting]
   Week of 21/10 (planned):
   - Vacations until Friday
   Week of 21/10 (actual):
   - Vacations until Friday
   - Replied to C style survey
   - Caught up with emails + ongoing netteam proposals
   - Replied to a few trac tickets that were pending feedback
   Week of 28/10 (planned):
   - Continue catching up with (S27) things that happened the past two weeks.
   - Continue work on stem encoding of HSv3 descriptors.
   - Traveling to OTF summit on Thursday.
   - (Also 28th of October is Greek national holiday, but decided to work so
     that I start catching up on things. I might take a day off at some point
     this or next week.)
   Help with:
   - David, can you do the little-t-tor side of the S27 October report? This
     will also help me catch up with your side of things.

    Week of 21 October (planned):
    - Focus on 042-should and s28 PT related tickets.
    - Make slides for presentation in Zurich next week.
    - Focus on Gitlab wiki migration.
    - Help Swati with Windows/Asciidoc/Man page situation.

    Week of 21 October (actually):
    - Talked with GeKo about some ideas for slides.
    - Looked into tracboat's Wiki migration feature, ported some of them over to our migration tool for GL.
    - Wrote some instructions on how to use WLS on Windows for Swati to build/read man pages.
    - Returned to s28 tickets.

    Week of 28 October (planned):
    - Will be talking about Tor at Swiss Web Security Day on the 30/10 and at Driving IT the 1/11.
    - Expect longer response times from me this week because of traveling. Use email over IRC maybe.
    - Get #28930 rebased into shape for merging.
    - If I have time look into our Windows Jenkins problems that Weasel reported on IRC (#32320)

  Week of 21/10 (actual):
    - Almost done with #30382. I have to talk to asn about the missing two 
      error codes that are a bit complicated to get.
    - S27 triage and fixes on: #32094, #31958, #28970
    - 3/4 there on implementing cmux tests: #32196. 
    - Help arma/nickm on reviewing and testing #32108.
    - Reviews and Merges.
    - Network health needed attention.
  Week of 28/10 (planned):
    - Get asn up to date on the latest s27 situation.
    - Have #32196 in needs_review.
    - I hope I can finalize #30382 with asn's feedback.
    - s27 report.
    - Network health situation is still very active.
    - Continue my s27 quest on fixing all bugs. <-- (gaba: we need to look into the roadmap after december)
    - Reviews and merges as usual

All the best,

Alexander Færøy

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