[tor-project] Network Team Meeting Notes, 21 October 2019

Alexander Færøy ahf at torproject.org
Wed Oct 23 13:45:45 UTC 2019


Here is a short summary of the network team meeting from Monday:

1) We started out by looking at the 0.4.2 status page on Trac to see how we are
   doing there. The team is now done with all 0.4.2-must tickets.

2) We went over our Kanban board.

3) We skipped going over review assignments because none had been assigned at
   the given time, but David did it right after the meeting.

4) Not everybody submitted the C style survey, but it sounds like the
   missing people are going to submit it soon.

5) Status of our policy changes: one is withdrawn, one is pending updates from
   ahf, one proposal needs some "parameter tuning".

6) Nobody had anything additional to discuss.

--- end of summary ---

You can read today's network team meeting log at:


Below are the contents of our meeting pad:

gaba: (updated on september 30th)
    Last week (actual):
    up to date with trac & gitlab
    This week (planned):
    Help with:

teor: (online first week of the month, offline at the usual meeting time)

    Week of 14 October (planned):
        (No plans, leave 2 weeks ago)

    Week of 14 October (actual):
        Take Time for:
            - team policies:
                - faster reviews
                - commit bit and roles
            - Sponsor 31 code reviews x4
            - Sponsor 31 modularisation: disable relay mode when compiling
              - Merged preparation work - speed up CI
              - Merged autoconf fixes for --disable-module-dirauth
              - Code, review, and revision for disabling routermode.c

            - Add a git script to set up merger worktrees - #29603
            - Quick bug fixes / revisions x3
            - CI Improvements - new Appveyor Windows Server 2019 image
            - Ticket, coverity, CI triage
            - Backport deciding, a few backports

    Week of 21 October (planned):
        Take Time for:
            - team policies:
                - commit bit
            - backports
            - Sponsor 31 modularisation: disable relay mode when compiling
              - Disable major relay and dirauth options, when those modules are disabled
            - Add tor controller trace logging to diagnose stem hangs (#30901)
                - continue work
            - Keep on revising monotime coarse stamp bug fix

    Week of 21 October (actual):
            - CI issues #32177
        Take Time for:
            - team policies:
                - commit bit
            - backports
            - backport deciding
        0.4.2 bugs:
            - Avoid possible overflow when converting between coarse stamp to approx ms #31482
            - Sponsor 31 modularisation: disable relay mode when compiling
              - Disable major relay and dirauth options, when those modules are disabled #32213
              - List of code chunks to disable https://trac.torproject.org/projects/tor/ticket/31851#comment:9
            - merges
            - Helping other people with tickets
            - fixes on merge_ready and merged code (#31684, #31762, others)
            - Bug fixes
            - Ticket triage

    Week of 14 October (planned):
        - More 042-should items if they come up
        - Wrap up C survey
        - Edit collaborative webpost?
        - Review and merge
        - S31 work:
            - tor-guts documentation work
            - more config.c refactoring once #32003 is reviewed
            - possibly, help with relay modularization work.
    Week of 14 October (actual):
        - Various documentation/doxygen revisions
        - Keep up with blog comments on release
        - A few 042-should itesms
        - Reviwes and merges
        - More config.c refactorig, work on 31999 (default log handling)
    Week of 21 October (planned):
        - Finish 31999 (default log handling)
        - Reviews and merges
        - 042-should TBD
        - Prepare for fundraising/outreach event at Wendy's next week.
        - Work on config.c verification refactor (31241)
        - Help with relay modularization (31851)
        - More high-level documentation
        - Edit collaborative blog post
        - Start working on
        - PETS meta-review

    Week of 10/14 (planned):
        - Respond to Firefox networking review followups
        - Do some of Firefox Feature Review
        - Check in with Tobias re circpad perf issues and simulator plan
        - Blog post writing?
        - Tor blog discussions
    Week of 10/14 (actual):
        - Finished Firefox networking and feature review
        - Blog post writing
        - Did some more analysis for the https://trac.torproject.org/projects/tor/ticket/31561 fix wrt Vanguards
    Week of 10/21 (planned):
        - Work with Tobias on circpad simulator issues (https://trac.torproject.org/projects/tor/ticket/31788)
        - Blog post writing
        - Begin wrapping up Sponsor2
        - Work on Research Director Roles Description
        - Catch back up on network-team mails
        - Catch back up with tor-scaling mails
    Need help with/at risk of dropping this month: 
        - Deep-thought-required research project followup 
          - (Google masque, BGP, ECN, Rob's bw experiments, Dennis's Mozilla video, etc etc...)
        - Relay community drive/mgmt (and related LTS herding)


    week of 10/14 (2019-W42) (planned):
        - reviews
        - more GSoD feedback
    week of 10/14 (2019-W42) (actual):
        - GitLab migration meeting
        - tried to figure out how to help swati get Asciidoc working locally so she can preview her changes the way we will see them
        - filed some UX bugs against Tor Browser 9.0a8
        - provided C style feedback
        - reviewed policy proposals some more
    week of 10/22 (2019-W43) (planned):
        - reviews
        - more GSoD stuff

   Week of 02/10 (planned):
   - Bring OB hsv3 descriptor encoding closer to completion.
   - Attend s27 meeting about error passing over SOCKS vs HTTP vs control port
   - Handle remaining 042 bugfixes.
   Week of 02/10 (actual):
   - Working on hsv3 descriptor encoding (#31823)
     - Can now do blinding #31777 (also ported the tor ed25519 to python3 on the way #31912)
     - Can now do descriptor layer encryption
     - Can do the superencrypted layer
   - Stem hsv3 descriptor decoding is merged upstream (#31369)!
     - Reviewing and testing
   - Did 042 tickets assigned to me. Also reviews and merges.
   Week of 07/10 (planned):
   - Bring the hsv3 descriptor encoding branch to some browseable state so that
     I can show atagar before I leave for vacations on Friday.
   - Attend the s27 meeting about error passing which did not happen last week.
   - Check updates on #19251
   - Finalize anything else remaining before I sign off for two weeks on Friday.

    Week of 14 October (planned):
    - Gitlab migration meeting.
    - Kill todo list items: some CC, some Network Team policy stuff, an old review.
    - Resubmit #31810

    Week of 14 October (actually):
    - Got my last 0.4.2-must items merged: #31091, #31810.
    - Booked trip with Gus to Freedom not Fear in Brussels in November.
    - Went over all my old reviews.
    - Gitlab meeting: discussion particular around setting deadlines and figuring out how to do wiki migration.
    - Work on new job post that came out today for the Shadow Simulation Developer.
    - Went over Nick's survey for coding style.
    - Lots of smaller todo items crunched.

    Week of 21 October (planned):
    - Focus on 042-should and s28 PT related tickets.
    - Make slides for presentation in Zurich next week.
    - Focus on Gitlab wiki migration.
    - Help Swati with Windows/Asciidoc/Man page situation.

  Week of 14/10 (actual):
    - s27 work: Found HSv3 issues with work in #31561. TIcket #32094 was 
      created about it.
    - s27: Worked on #30382 for upstream merge. I fixed the timeout issue on
      it and I still am missing 2/6 error codes to return. At least, usable on
      Tor Browser side for testing.
    - Worked on #32058 (mainloop bug). Fun ticket work #31373 and merged :).
    - Started writing unit tests in #29698 for which much more is needed.
    - Reviews and merges.
  Week of 21/10 (planned):
    - Finalize #30382 and fix #32094 for s27.
    - Finish unit tests on #29698.
    - Work on a Tor talk proposal for Netdev conference that opened its CFP 
      for 2020 edition.

All the best,

Alexander Færøy

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