[tor-project] Metrics meeting notes, 17 Oct 2019

Gaba gaba at torproject.org
Thu Oct 17 18:22:35 UTC 2019


Metrics team meet every Thursday at 15UTC (Next meeting is on October
24th) at the #tor-meeting channel in irc.oftc.net

The meeting log is in

And the content from our meeting pad for today:

Agenda Thursday, October 17th 15 UTC

OONI metadata database (karsten)
    This is now tracked in #32126. Planning to terminate the EC2
instance and resume this after exit scanner project.
    karsten is going to terminate the EC2 instance on Friday afternoon.
    karsten adds phw (and others?) to cc
Tor Browser measurements (karsten)
    we're going to revisit this mid-November when Dennis and the browser
team have more time.
Onionoo release, new deployments, automation and documentation (irl)
    Should we include #31941 in this release? - yes, reviewed this
offline but forgot to update the ticket, done that now
    karsten puts out an onionoo release and deploys it on both hosts on
    irl asks for new hosts, and once they exist we set up new onionoos
using the new ansible thing.

Exit scanner (gaba)
    are we in track to finish this in december if we start now?
Tor metrics data portal next steps (karsten)
Review of #19332 (karsten)
Roadmap - how are we doing? (gaba)


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