[tor-project] Notes from Vegas Meeting OCTOBER 10 2019

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Vegas Team Meeting Notes
OCTOBER 10 2019


+ From Oct 3: "What is our policy on people printing Tor swag for themselves" -> isabela will write a policy w/ Jon

+ From Oct 3: Are we still paying $800/mo for the blog hosting?  -> today we have a meeting regarding blog; we haven't yet paid $800/month

+ From Oct 3: MOSS future? Answer: it is being tracked by the money-machine-meetings

+ From Sept 26: Gitlab CE EE progress -- we will go with CE and take back this discussion on EE once we migrate.

+ From Sept 26: Plans for Mozilla All Hands, FOSDEM, ShmooCon -- and also CCC -> isabela and sue need to balance the budget to see how spending is going before deciding on spending more -> FOSDEM is being organized by Pili, For moz allhands we sent 'who should go' from last week to Arthur.

+ From Sep 12: Revamp our "matching speakers to invites" process - we have a list of people that could give talks and a list of events that would be good to go to.

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+ Do we need more git service admins? See e.g. #31583 and #31486 and other tickets that are going months without attention.
- Discussion: We don’t have that many unresolved tickets, but we also don’t know who is supposed to be doing them. No volunteers, so the issue remains unresolved.

+ Considering a change to the hardware FAQ to clarify what we want if we *do* accept donations
- Discussion: We want to be more specific about what kind of hardware donations are helpful and what our policy will be in order to accept them; the FAQ on the website will be updated soon.

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+ Roger:
1) 	We moved forward with dropping the obsolete relays from the network. I contacted many of them beforehand, and the next phase is that they notice and reach out to us and we help them upgrade and get back into the network.
2)	 I'm coordinating a Tor outreach talk in Taipei on Oct 31 with our friends there (pre OTF summit).
3) 	I'm working with Rob to shepherd a website fingerprinting paper that will hopefully get into the next Usenix Security conference.
4) 	I will soon plan to get back up to speed on our RACE work, to help Rob present at the PI meeting in early November.
5) 	Also on my todo list: NSF annual report x2; follow up to person doing security comic to help them fix their 'dark web' portrayal; coordinate upcoming Phoenix meeting and DC talk; investigate Mozilla's VPN experiment plan; answer anarcat's questions about our remaining uses of svn.
6) 	Do we need more git service admins? See e.g. #31583 and #31486 and other tickets that are going months without attention.

+ Gus:
1)	 Working with Outreachy applicants. If you see someone lost on IRC, point to them this wiki page: https://trac.torproject.org/projects/tor/wiki/Outreachy#Projects
2)	Sponsor9 phase3: partners are submitting Partnership agreement signed, so far 3 organizations.
3)	Following up with drupal freelancer

+ Antonela:
1)	TB9 release: new identity, network settings, dark theme support, onboarding update.
2)	EOY: working with Alon on the art,
3)	S30: trying to coordinate a meeting with the involved people in Taipei
4)	S27: working on TB error pages for onions
5)	S9: Coordinating user research with communities with nah
6)	meetings, meetings, meetings everywhere

+ Steph:
1)	Corresponding with Outreachy folks
2)	Inquiries
3)	Signed a letter with 100+ orgs urging FB to continue encryption plans
4)	Published and shared EOL relay post
5)	Community portal review
6)	Went through another edit of our fundraising deck
7)	Edited copy for new TB onboarding
8)	EOY campaign prep

+ Sarah:
1)	EOY campaign prep
2)	Sourcing new foundation prospects
3)	Updating roadmap with foundation/grant deadlines
4)	OTF proposal
6)	First round of Brave Rewards transferred to us - almost $300

+ Gaba:
1)	S30: follow up from meeting this week
2)	Meetings (sponsors, mozilla, proposals, weekly team meetings)
3)	Gitlab migration
4)	Small tasks, keeping up with trac.
5)	Getting back the sponsor V report this week.

+ Anarcat
1)	joined a call with giant rabbit about finances, security and cost, hiro also talked with them about upgrading their CiviCRM, some downtimes to be announced soon-ish
2)	testing backup server restore procedures by replacing the backup server
3)	monthly sysadmin meeting, notes in https://help.torproject.org/tsa/meeting/2019-10-07/ talked about onboarding and overlap between Puppet and Ansible, in particular
4)	tracking major upgrades progress (fancy graphs!), visible at https://help.torproject.org/tsa/howto/upgrades/ - current est: june 2020
5)	completed the "ops report card" in https://bugs.torproject.org/30881 - scored 44%, not bad for such an exhaustive questionnaire.
6)	jabber service shutdown and LDAP sudo password transitions next week
7)	puppet sprint last friday: working with real humans in the same room, whoohoo
8)	considering a change to the hardware FAQ to clarify what we want if we *do* accept donations

+ Alex:
1)	Work on 0.4.2 tasks. Hope to get back to S29 next week.
2)	Continuing with the Gitlab migration work together with a lot of people from different teams.
3)	Planning my Zurich trip for the end of the month to give a talk on Tor.

+ Georg
1)	ESR 68 transition for Tor Browser (we are close)
2)	OTF proposal work

+ Matt
1)	What Georg said

+ isabela:
1)	Wrote report to MDF regarding the fundraising training they have sponsored for us
2)	Finalizing metrics for donors folder
3)	Reviewing OTF full proposal

+ Nick:
1)	Super busy in the network team!  Another alpha came out on Monday. Expecting that 0.4.2.x series will go on schedule.
2)	Team is discussing changes to our review/merge policies; ask if you're curious.  Hoping to land them in October.

+ Mike:
1)	Wrapping up Firefox ESR network code review

+ Pili:
1)	Helping set up gitlab accounts for Outreachy people and trying to be generally helpful.
2)	Submitted FOSDEM20 Stand request. Deadline is not until Nov 1 and accepted stands will be announced Nov 11.
3)	Planning to submit FOSDEM20 main track talk today
4)	S27 "extraordinary" meeting
5)	OTF Browser proposal

+ Philipp:
1)	Released BridgeDB v0.8.3 after merging several patches
2)	Wrapped up our bridge campaign. 96 new bridges and a volunteer supplied us with several fast, private bridges
3)	Wrote up anti-censorship research ideas, to be published on research.tp.o
4)	Improvements of flow obfuscator for obfs4
5)	Worked on localising snowflake website
6)	More work on snowflake's broker/proxy protocol and tests

+ Erin:
1)	Mostly AFK Tuesday through Thursday this week
2)	General HR stuff

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