[tor-project] [ticket system] registrations of users & next trac/gitlab meeting

Gaba gaba at torproject.org
Fri Oct 11 18:38:23 UTC 2019


At the last meeting there was a lot of discussion [0] around the
registration of users in https://dip.torproject.org and people had a few
suggestions to deal with spam and allow people to easily send bugs and
track them (some suggestions were to create a web interface for
anonymous users in front of gitlab, continue with cypherpunk account,
install a forum with discourse). It seems that this last decision is the
only blocker right now to move forward with a date for the migration.
All the suggestions proposed involve extra work/resources right now that
we do not have.

With the objective of getting this done soon with the requirements we
have, let's choose the minimum solution for moving to our gitlab
instance and resolve all the other problems later.

It would mean having registration open (at first at least but we can
close it anytime) in https://dip.torproject.org and get a few of us (at
least Pili and me are volunteering for this) to moderate who is
registering and creating issues. Gitlab has a way for people to report
users and we can monitor new accounts closely. And there is a way to
whitelist and black list domains for sign-ups. If we see that this is a
lot more work volume that what we have now in trac, we can close
regisration and open accounts on request. Other gitlab instances have a
lot of issues dealing with spam and it seems that it could get worst
than at trac but we will deal with this once the migration to gitlab is

Next meeting is on October 15th at 17 UTC on #irc-meeting and the agenda
should be:

* dates for migration
* review steps for the migration [1]


[1] https://nc.riseup.net/s/SnQy3yMJewRBwA7

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