[tor-project] September 2019 report for the UX team

Antonela Debiasi tor at antonela.me
Wed Oct 9 16:11:48 UTC 2019

Hi Tor,

S9 - Tor Browser

During September, we worked on having Tor Browser 9 improvements ready
for handing off to developers. Those were:

- New identity
Historically, the New Identity feature has been placed under the Tor
Button doorhanger menu. Since the Tor Button is going to be removed from
the toolbar, we needed a new icon to expose this critical feature to
users. We talked with users[0], explored some ideas[1], and defined the
icon which is going to reach stable[2].
[0] https://trac.torproject.org/projects/tor/ticket/28800#comment:8
[1] https://trac.torproject.org/projects/tor/ticket/27511#comment:17

- Network Settings
We moved Net Settings to the familiar place for end-users to find
Settings: about: preferences. Since TB9, we'll have a new settings
section called Tor Network so users can configure bridges and local
settings following the default pattern.
It is a first step in improving the path of connecting to Tor for users
with circumvention needs.

- TB9 Onboarding
Duncan designed the best way to expose the above critical changes to users.

Last but not least, Orfox sunsetted. We joined the Guardian Project
folks on designing, localizing, and deploying the latest Orfox release,
which offered a path for users to download Tor Browser for Android.

S9 - User Research

Nah, Isabela, and I met at the NYU's Tor offices to document the work we
have been doing and for creating user research guides for community
researchers. When it is ready, this content will be available in

Nah worked on moving the content from the UX team wiki to the User
Research portal. This section will host documentation about our
processes, our current user research activities, and user research

Also, we compiled a list of the frequency asked questions from our
2018/2019 groups. We are working on having them merged into the
community portal.

S9 - tpo.org

We joined the community team's Docshackaton. A lot of new and old
friends jumped to help us with tpo.org, support.tpo.org, manual.tpo.org,
and community.tpo.org. We took this time to work in layout and frontend
related issues. Some highlights:

- The shared Donate button at our headers is now pointing to the
localized donate.torproject.org

- The support portal has a lot of new content, but the layout didn't
contemplate a massive list of items. We iterated it, and now each
section has just its list of actual questions making it easier for
loading and readability.


emmapeel wrote a blogpost to honor translators in their day. Thanks l10n
community for working with us on delivering Tor Browser in 28 languages!

In the commitment to keeping a healthy and engaged community of
translators, emmapeel started a round of love spreading with translators
and sent them Tor t-shirts and stickers, worked on having better
internal l10n documentation and thought about successful ways of sharing
best practices between translators.


OONI Explorer

Finally, OONI Explorer got released! We collaborated with OONI on this
significant redesign, supported this huge overhaul since the beginning,
through the development process, and during the launch. Congrats OONI
for this release!


We also gave design support for OONI Probe related issues:


We worked in a joint proposal with Guardian Project and Tails folks to
continue our work on running community training and user research during

Alon and I are working on the end of the year campaign. Fundraising
wants to go with a cyberpunk/90's internet theme this year. We couldn't
be more excited! Stay Tuned!

Open Team

The UX Team roadmap kanban breaths here:

If you missed those, September weekly meetings notes are here:

Peace and love,


Antonela Debiasi
UX Team Lead



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