[tor-project] Notes from Vegas Meeting OCTOBER 3 2019

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Notes from Vegas Meeting OCTOBER 3 2019


+  Gaba
	• - Topics for Tor at Mozilla All Hands are being written down in a pad to be submitted ASAP.
	• * Discussion: We need to strategize on who we send and what we want to accomplish to make the most of the opportunity; priorities: browser and scalability people, and someone who can tie it all together.

+ Georg
- Blog: a) Where are we with fixing our blog comment issue? b) A gentle reminder: please deal with the comments of your respective blog post. If you think comments should not get published, please remove them as this gets them out of the approval queue and it helps others dealing with comments via https://blog.torproject.org/admin/content/comment/approval. If you think you can't handle the comments yourself, please find someone in your team or somewhere else who can or close comments on the blog post otherwise. We have established a policy regarding comments on our blog a while back which can be found at: https://trac.torproject.org/projects/tor/wiki/doc/community/blog-comment-policy.
* Discussion: Our blog hosting company increased our bill to ~$800/month (from ~$280) because of increased traffic, people will discuss outside this meeting on how to address the issue.

+ Pili
- What is our policy on people printing Tor swag for themselves, their friends, etc...? i.e. not to make a profit or sell. We have different opinions from different people.
* Discussion: We should agree on a policy; for now Isa will talk to Jon about when to send cease/desist letters.

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1) Press inquiries.
2) Community portal reviews.
3) Newsletter out this week.
4) Sent initial task to prospective Outreachy interns and getting them started.
5) Preparing for EOY campaign.
6) Signed us on to a letter to end Amazon Ring-police surveillance partnerships

1) Determined ten winners for our bridge campaign. We're counting 95 new bridges so far.
2) Snowflake made it into the most recent Tor Browser alpha for Windows
3) Progress on BridgeDB (updated requirements, prototype of language switcher, updated translations
4) Progress on obfs4 (polished flow obfuscator)

1) The second Tor Browser alpha version based on Firefox 68 ESR got out (including snowflake support for Windows, the latest Tor alpha, x86_64 support for Android and other neat things)
2) 20 days left to Tor Browser 9.0 and a ton of work to do :)
3) Work on the OTF proposal for ESR migration

1) comes out in the next couple of working days.  This should fix all the known release-blockers; remaining issues are should-fix, not must-fix.
2) Working on team policy proposals.  We adopted a meta-policy for deciding whether to adopt team policies: see https://trac.torproject.org/projects/tor/wiki/org/teams/NetworkTeam/MetaPolicy in case you want to use it too.
3) Hoping to open 0.4.3.x early, if we can make enough progress on 042-should issues.

1) Had 1:1 with everybody from the network-team by now together with gaba and will continue from now on with just me and the team member.
2) Work on 0.4.2 and S29 tasks.
3) Continuing with the Gitlab migration work together with a lot of people from different teams.

1) Working on handbook clarifications
2) General HR stuff

1) Getting in touch with Outreachy applicants. If you see someone asking on IRC about more information, point them to this wiki page: https://trac.torproject.org/projects/tor/wiki/Outreachy
2) Sponsor9: partners are signing the Partnership Agreement. We have some training in Global South in 2 weeks.
3) Answering Frontdesk/RT.
4) Working on Community (training resources) and Support portal content (old FAQ migration).
5) Submitted Freedom not fear travel allowance
6) Pili and brabo are organizing our activities in FOSDEM, help them. Please, update this wiki page: https://trac.torproject.org/projects/tor/wiki/org/meetings/2020Brussels
7) We should somehow formalize our process for now to submit people's about/people page to www folks.
8) CCC: are we going to organize activities there this year?

1) Continuing dev work
2) Continuing roles/responsibility transition

1) Firefox esr networking code review

0) Steph, let's be sure not to drop the "connecting EFF to relay operator who might need legal advice" thread. Let me know how I can help there. [in motion -steph]
1) Pili, where are we on the trademark swag policy discussion? I saw a thread with Jon.
2) I heard a rumor we might be scheduling the next in-person dev meeting for February. We should start collecting date conflicts asap, and start a preliminary invite list, in order to send out save-the-dates asap.
3) Fyi, the network health team is bumping out a pile of obsolete relays real soon now.

1) Helping out with OTF Browser proposal
2) Replying to Outreachy applicants
3) S27 report
4) Organising for FOSDEM
5) October roadmap reviews
6) Starting to think about the developer portal sitemap and information architecture with Antonela

1) Moving forward with OONI Probe Desktop and CLI apps
2) Deploying fastpath for near realtime publication of OONI measurements: https://github.com/ooni/pipeline/pull/213 & event detection engine: https://github.com/ooni/pipeline/pull/228
3) Working on Oonifying our probe services, see: https://github.com/ooni/sysadmin/issues/359 & cleaning up our infrastructure to ensure things are redeployable: https://github.com/ooni/sysadmin/issues/356
4) Published a post on blocking in media websites in Egypt: https://ooni.org/post/2019-egypt-blocks-bbc-and-alhurra/
5) Hacktoberfest! https://twitter.com/OpenObservatory/status/1179033711557263361
6) Working towards releasing OONI Probe mobile 2.2 and ensuring all strings are translated

1) September end of the month duties
2) TB9 Release: UX improvements:  new identity, network settings, dark theme support, onboarding update.
3) EOY: Working with Alon on the art
4) WWW: some progress on the tickets with my name

1) Presented at Semcomp22 at USP São Carlos/Brazil
2) Working on YE campaign stuff that Sarah needs from me
3) Editing Major Donors folder text and selecting different metrics we could use for a visualization to go w/ the folder
4) catching up w/ email backlog
5) helping out with OTF Browser proposal

1) EOY campaign planning
2) Helping with OTF proposal
3) Updating major donors with latest vision
4) Planning Boston get together
5) Sourcing new foundation/grant funding

1) continued coordination on retirement of old services and machines
2) more puppet training, brought up the idea of using puppet for hosting services too instead of forcing people to use ansible
3) announced LDAP password change
4) started experimenting with more "standard" (as in: packaged in debian) tools different things in Puppet and debian (needrestart, trocla, etc)
5) dealt with much maintenance churn (disk space issue, security upgrades, reboots, etc), trying to automate

1) Tor/Mozilla meeting is next October 8th. Topics: https://pad.riseup.net/p/DYCTCA7mcI1bqS5B9RfR
2) Sponsor 30 preparation for next weeks's meeting
3) Catching up with trac tickets
4) A few 1:1:1s this week
5) Gitlab migration (right now the blocker is how we resolve registration for users and resolve moderation and spam)
6) Other random stuff

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