[tor-project] Metrics Team Meeting Notes, November 29th 2019 [includes last week releases]

Gaba gaba at torproject.org
Fri Nov 29 15:42:29 UTC 2019

Next meeting: *Thursday*, December 5th, 15 UTC


We had our meeting on Friday November 29th (it had to be rescheduled
this week).

Pad for the meeting: https://nc.torproject.net/s/Znd4MkHebAznEgA
Meeting Log:

Agenda and Notes:

collector disk space, and unreliable physical host (irl)
	irl asks for the disk space to be doubled: #32644

"metrics-team" keyword on IRC (karsten)
	we'll think about this more and make a decision next week.

Pending reviews (karsten)

Onionoo backends (karsten)
	irl asks for another backend host for onionoo-backend-02, and we keep
onionoo-backend-01; we also turn off the webservers on omeiense and
oo-hetzner-03 once the two new backends are running.
	irl and karsten are meeting on Tue, Dec 3, 15:00 UTC to set up the new

Roadmap - how are we doing? (gaba)

[announcement] we are testing phase of migration to gitlab - it would be
good to get people to check for possible problems

Releases last week:
#32635: Release Onionoo 7.0-1.22.0

Interesting links:
Network Traffic Measurement and Analysis Conference

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