[tor-project] Gitlab Ticket Migration: Help Needed

Alexander Færøy ahf at torproject.org
Fri Nov 29 12:44:13 UTC 2019


We are moving into the final phase of testing out our migration tool for Trac
tickets to Gitlab issues. We have managed to do a "complete run" where we have
taken every ticket from Trac and turned it into a Gitlab issue on our
https://dip.torproject.org/ Gitlab instance. All the converted Gitlab tickets
can be found at https://dip.torproject.org/ahf-admin/legacy-20/issues/ and have
the same Ticket ID as on Trac.

But we are not done yet.

We have discovered a few formatting issues with the conversion from the Trac
markup language to the Markdown markup that Gitlab uses, but that might not be
everything that is wrong, but we need help with discovering the rest.

Gaba have created a pad at https://pad.riseup.net/p/gitlab-migration-problems
where people can report issues on specific tickets in the bottom of the pad.

It would be very useful for us, if people could spend some time going over some
complicated tickets they have been involved with in the past and look for the
following issues:

1. Is there any loss of information: is any information from Trac *not* being
   converted in the Gitlab issue. Right now we are missing some information
   such as assignee, estimated points, and actual points. We also don't change
   the author of the ticket and comments right now, as that would generate too
   many notifications for people who are using Gitlab today.

2. Is there any formatting issues? Right now we know of at least two "classes"
   of formatting issues, namely an issue around {{{ }}} (code blocks) and == Title
   == (headlines). But we do expect to find more.

Please help us out by spending a few minutes going over some of your favorite
tickets and look for issues and note them down in the pad. Please describe the
issue as well as possible, such that it will be easy for us to spot what the
issue is and hopefully make a fix in the Ticket converter tool :-)

Thank you!

All the best,

Alexander Færøy

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