[tor-project] Network Team Meeting Notes, 18 November 2019

Alexander Færøy ahf at torproject.org
Mon Nov 25 02:58:21 UTC 2019


Here is a short summary of the network team meeting from Monday the 18th of November:

1) We started out by looking at the 0.4.2 status page on Trac to see how we are
doing there. Everybody should go over their 0.4.2 tickets and figure out which
ones they want to do for 0.4.2 or postpone them to 0.4.3.

2) We went over our Kanban board.

3) Gaba will send out an email about roadmapping in December.

4) We went over our review queue.

5) We talked about our C code style survey.

6) Nobody had anything else to discuss this week :-)

--- end of summary ---

You can read today's network team meeting log at:


Below are the contents of our meeting pad:

teor: (online first week of the month, offline at the usual meeting time)

    Week of 11 November (planned):
        Take Time for:
            - catching up on emails
            - Fix #30901
              - we missed some config bugs last week, because stem always fails in CI
            - Sponsor 31 modularisation:
              - Fix bugs
              - Do more modularisation (#31851 / #29211)
            - Helping with Android issues
            - Bug fixes, ticket triage, and quick reviews

    Week of 11 November (actual):
            - Fix Appveyor CI failure #32449
        Take Time for:
            - Sponsor 31 modularisation:
              - Fix the obsolete option message in 0.4.2 #32295
              - Add extra config tests #32451
              - Disable "Phase 0" code in the relay module #32163 #32244 #32245
              - Start on "Phase 1"
              - Code and design reviews
              - Better tooling for finding unused headers #32522
            - Code reviews & ticket triage

    Week of 18 November (planned):
        Take Time for:
            - Write relay/dirauth modules, tooling, and testing parts of s31 report (Deadline: 30 Nov?)
            - catching up on emails
            - Sponsor 31 modularisation:
              - Modularisation dependency tooling (#32522)
              - Do more modularisation (#31851 / #29211)
            - Sponsor 31 code reviews
            - Bug fixes, ticket triage, and quick reviews

    Week of 11 November (planned):
        - Short week because of holiday.
        - Catch up with reviews.
        - Catch up with documentation: 32209 (config), 32207 (pubsub), 29214 (continued subsuming of tor-guts).
        - Finish 32427 (refactor options_act_reversible).
        - Regression analysis on 041-regression,042-regression tickets.
        - release.
        - Time permitting (haha): 32139 (configuration isolation for directory authority options)
        - Time permitting (haha): 32408 (refactor new options_act_reversible into new system.)
    Week of 11 November (actual):
        - Revised lots of code
        - Finished subsuming tor-guts into doxygen
        - Released
        - Wrote several pieces of documentation for new-architecture stuff (config, pubsub, initialization)
        - Circulated example branches for several tools.
    Week of 18 November (planned):
        - More documentation work.
        - Finish 32427 (refactor options_act_reversible).
        - 32139 (configuration isolation for directory authority options)
        - 32408 (refactor new options_act_reversible into new system.)
        - Regression analysis on 041-regression,042-regression tickets??

    Week of 11/06 (planned):
        - Finish cleaning up circpad simulator
        - Read asn's research feedback
        - Get DNS recommendations for exit operators for fingerprinting blog post
        - Update + triage circpad bugs
    Week of 11/06 (actual):
        - Refactored circpad simulator; fixed some simulator bugs+issues; a few more remain
          - See: https://github.com/pylls/circpad-sim (and https://github.com/mikeperry-tor/tor/tree/circpad-sim-v2)
    Week of 11/11 (planned):
        - Finish cleaning up circpad simulator
        - Read asn's research feedback
        - Get DNS recommendations for exit operators for fingerprinting blog post
        - Update + triage circpad bugs
    Need help with/at risk of dropping this month: 
        - Deep-thought-required research project followup 
          - (Google masque, BGP, ECN, Rob's bw experiments, Dennis's Mozilla video, etc etc...)


    week of 11/11 (2019-W46) (planned):
        - Monday is a public holiday
        - reviews
        - sponsor31 architecture doc stuff
        - work on splitting out torrc(5) manpage for swati to work on
        - other GSoD stuff as needed
        - monitor C style thread and respond as needed
    week of 11/11 (2019-W46) (actual):
        - reviews
        - checked in with swati re GSoD stuff
        - looked into build system support for manpage splitting
    week of 11/18 (2019-W47) (planned):
        - reviews
        - sponsor31 architecture doc stuff
        - GSoD stuff as needed
    help with:
        - would like to hear feedback about whether to split torrc options out of the tor(1) manpage (non-torrc command line options would remain in tor(1)). i think teor might have opionions on this?

   Week of 12/11 (planned):
   - Review atagar's descriptor encoding branch and make it work with OBv3.
   - If possible, write test vectors for descriptor encoding/decoding when stem support stabilizes.
   - Move forward with core OBv3 work.
   - Reviews as usual.
   Week of 12/11 (actual):
   - HSv3 descriptor encoding is merged in stem by atagar! https://trac.torproject.org/projects/tor/ticket/31823#comment:10
   - Initial core onionbalance work has been pushed to github: https://github.com/asn-d6/onionbalance/tree/v3_dev_wip
     This is still WIP and heavily under development. I just needed a place to backup my code.
   - A bit of all around onion service strategizing after OTF.
   - Did reviews/merges.
   Week of 18/11 (actual):
   - Review atagar's HSv3 descriptor encoding work.
   - Write test vectors for HSv3 descriptor encoding/decoding as stem support stabilizes.

    Week of 11 November (planned):
    - Shadow Simulation Developer things
    - Get back to #28930.
    - Figure out with Swati how things are going there.
    - Retrospective.

    Week of 11 November (actually):
    - Retrospective
    - Lots of Shadow Simulation Developer CVs to read and make up my mind about.
    - Meeting with on GSoD stuff - thanks to catalyst for running that!
    - Harvest, FnF reimbursement stuff
    - Looked at the C code style work

    Week of 18 November (planned):
    - Shadow Simulation developer decisions/next step/interview questions
    - S28 tickets.
    - Friday is the "big day" for trying out a complete Gitlab migration to see if things go well
    - Catch up on things I missed to do last week.

  Week of 12/11 (actual):
    - s27: Revisions on #30382 that was merged this morning \o/.
    - s27: Started revision on #31561 but did not finished.
    - Email storm of all sorts last week.
    - Reviews/Merges.
    - Off for half a day due to ETOOTIRED :S
  Week of 18/11 (actual):
    - MUST finalize #31561.
    - Assess our remaining s27 -must ticket and see what can be closed,
      triaged better, postponned or not and cleaned up for upstream merge.
    - #30382 is now merged, we have 3 remaining tickets attached to it, one to 
      review from asn and two others to make patches before the first 043 
    - Try to put in an hour or two on a CFP for a technical conference 
      (Netdev Conf).
    - Come up with a decision on #29698 on postpone or merge as is or work 
      harder on unit tests.
    - Again, maybe I can try to fix #32388.

Alexander Færøy

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