[tor-project] Notes from Vegas Meeting NOVEMBER 21 2019

Erin Wyatt ewyatt at torproject.org
Thu Nov 21 22:40:14 UTC 2019

Vegas Team Meeting Notes
NOVEMBER 21 2019:

** NOTE:  No Vegas meeting next Thursday, November 28th, in observance of U.S. Thanksgiving holiday.


- 	There is a conversation about onion services in a mail thread and the possible creation of a "onion ops team”.
	Plan: sysrqb will move conversation to email; will put together a proposed plan and send it to vegas-team.


-	Sarah: Anyone else willing to make a thank-you video? If yes, contact Sarah ASAP at sstevenson at .
- 	Roger: we should make a list of things that want isa's attention, to help her prioritize when she returns. (Done.)


1.	Collection of Snowflake proxy metrics
2.	More work on (GetTor) storage limits when saving Tor Browser copies in GitHub
3.	More grant writing
4.	Created monthly report
5.	Finished improving docker image for obfs4 bridges

1. 	Did a Tor talk in Roma last Saturday and in UNITO (University of Turin) last Tuesday.
2. 	We had a meeting with Colombia training partner.
3. 	Answered some RT/Frontdesk tickets.
4. 	Finished Community Team October report.

1.	Help with OTF proposal
2.	More HackerOne housekeeping
3.	Trying to wrap up all my Tor Browser must-items

1. 	Reducing my email backlog after vacations
2. 	Working on suggesting onions feature in Tor Browser with acat
3. 	Delivering remaining assets for the end of the year campaign
4. 	If you need anything urgent from me, please ping me

1.	Eoy Campaign: blog post editing, thank you card, video
2.	Newsletter going out today
3.	Bottlepay promotion with the Giving Block
4.	Pili and I will apply to OTF Learning Lab

1.	OONI.tpo now moved out of TPO infrastructure (hosted at netlify) and closed some related accounts (https://bugs.torproject.org/31718)
2.	we will need to work on onboarding/offboarding procedures (https://bugs.torproject.org/32519) and especially "what happens to email when people leave" (https://bugs.torproject.org/32558)
3.	worked more on Nginx status dashboards to ensure we have good response latency and rates (we're good)
4.	reconfirmed mailing list problems as related to DMARC, may hopefully be resolved by next week (https://trac.torproject.org/projects/tor/ticket/29770)
5.	wrote a Postfix mail log parser (in lnav) to diagnose email issues in the mail server
6.	helped with the deployment of a ZNC bouncer for IRC users (https://trac.torproject.org/projects/tor/ticket/32532) along with fixes to the "mosh" configuration 
7.	usual grind (email aliases, memory limits on git.tpo, old machine cleanup)
8.	TPA meeting coming up on monday

1.	Reports for S31, SV
2.	Helping with grants writing
3.	Sponsor 30 follow up
4.	talked at seagl last friday
5.	scalability meeting today where Rob and Dennis showed some results of experiments. Meeting notes are public in the mailing list. 

0) Most importantly: it's still Oct 31 in my mailbox. I am not even keeping up with each day's new mail now, much less making progress at the backlog.
1) Events:
- finished my november burst of events: otf summit and satellite meetings, race pi meeting, 'going dark' debate, cdt keynote. tonight i do a tor lecture at nyu.
- i re-contacted the fosdem booth person
2) Funding/Funders:
- helped steer the upcoming nsf phantom/snowflake proposal
- we now have a shared plan for the shadow dev spot
- still spending much of my time thinking about race
- thanks, gaba, for taking the lead on our sponsorV report bullet points
- we're asking otf learning lab for help
3) Other:
- do we have the start of an invite list for the dev mtg? we should get that going.
- steph and i helped oliver figure out his deutsche welle text. the text came out yesterday and looks good. we should push it more.
- moving forward the "dv certs for onions" pitch to ca/b forum
- stalled on enterprise onion service support group
- to follow up on: accounts and email policy
- i introduced george/david/alex to the ricochet-refresh team
- still pending: doh blog post?
- pending: reviewing our 2019 draft financials
- we should make a list of things that want isa's attention, to help her prioritize when she returns.

1.	Catching up after vacation.
2.	EOY campaign continuing to perform well.
3.	Postal appeal letter went out thanks to Al and Jon.
4.	Anyone else willing to make a thank-you video?

1.	Reports, reports and more reports
2.	Just about keeping up with trac triage
3.	Meeting with Colombia Training Partner
4.	Meeting about Tor Browser measurements
5.	We were not accepted for a booth at FOSDEM :(
6.	Participating in a panel about Big data and violence tomorrow

1.	Roadmap coming for network team coming up in December.
2.	Gitlab migration test run tomorrow Friday planned!
3.	Done with reading over Shadow CVs.
4.	Back to coding on some s28 tasks.
5.	Planning a "run a relay at home" workshop with the IT union in Denmark for Q1 2020.t

1.	Trying to catch up with email and a dozen other things. Please don't assume that I remember whatever I'm supposed to be doing for you; please feel free to bug me about it.
2. is out; the time to report bugs is NOW. If none are found, we might actually put 0.4.2.x-stable ahead of schedule (!).

1.	Shadow dev hiring process 
2.	Org/corp/general HR stuff
3.	Working on handbook clarifications this week

1.	OTF proposal
2.	Catchup from last week (was at Fastly event)
3.	Tor Browser development

1.	Got new exit scanner to write properly formatted exit lists and completed an initial review of their correctness.

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