[tor-project] Notes from Vegas Meeting NOVEMBER 14 2019

Erin Wyatt ewyatt at torproject.org
Fri Nov 15 01:13:22 UTC 2019

Vegas Team Meeting Notes
NOVEMBER 14 2019


-   The network team uses "network-team" as a way to highlight us all on IRC. Do other teams have official things like that? Do they want one? [nickm]
 	* Resolution: every team should pick up a string like this and set it up to highlight for themselves. Any team that doesn't want to, doesn't have to. Let people know what string you've picked; The Tor Browser team has "tbb-team”.

-   Announcement in case any of you want to apply or you want to bring it to the teams. From MOSS program managers: "Finally, a friend and colleague of MOSS, Kara de la Marck, is launching a peer mentorship program for open source maintainers in early 2020. It will be a six-week program that covers topics like sustainability, governance and diversity and inclusion. To learn more about the program or to sign up to become a participant or mentor, please visit https://posse.community." [gaba]

- Getting started on the new email service project, review the "Goals" section here: https://help.torproject.org/tsa/howto/submission/ [anarcat]
	* Discussion: friendly reminder that vegas team ppl agreed to help with documentation and support for email service;  need someone to help design a handbook to answer the "so how do i configure my email client to use that thing anyways?”; anarcat will put help needed on a pad when he’s ready; people who are losing their tor project email should file trac tickets.

-  How are we coordinating the invitation process to our dev meeting for, say, tor core members and external stakeholders (if we wanted to save money we should get to it as fast as possible) [GeKo]
	* Answer: we will start this process when Isa gets back; we will also discuss if/how many open days we’ll have.


+ Philipp
	• Philipp and Roger attended OTF summit in Taiwan
	• Cecylia and Roger attended RACE PI meeting in San Jose
	• Reached out to more people for private obfs4 bridge distribution
	• GetTor, BridgeDB, and Snowflake maintenance

+ Gaba
	• Starting S31 report
	• Nextcloud migration
	• Roadmaps
	• Trac up to date
	• Grants proposals
	• Will give a talk at SeaGL tomorrow.

+ Nick
	• The network team uses "network-team" as a way to highlight us all on IRC. Do other teams have official things like that? Do they want one?
	• New RC coming out in next few days; stable backport releases aimed for early December when we are less hosed.
	• Wrapping up sponsor 31. Lots to do there.

+ Sarah
	• Campaign continues to do well. We've raised $20K more than we raised last year at this point, even though we started the campaign 5 days earlier in 2018.

+ Steph
	• EOY Campaign, running promotions, wrote a blog post on surveillance
	• Rating outreachy applicants and making a decision. We had 16 applicants for the communications spot.
	• Talking to Alison about LFI comms plans
	• Will be applying for the OTF Learning Lab -- will talk over at grants meeting next week

+ Anarcat
	• getting started on the new email service project, review the "Goals" section here: https://help.torproject.org/tsa/howto/submission/ [anarcat]
	• new caching service tweaks, now 88% hit ratio, will hopefully go down to 300$/mth costs in november! shiny graphs at  https://grafana.torproject.org/d/p21-cvJWk/cache-health
	• dealt with an unusual amount of email
	• cymru might get unstuck, stay tuned
	• updated my harvest timesheets, i had forgotten for two months (!)
	• held a sysadmin meeting last month which has  my last month/next month tasks https://help.torproject.org/tsa/meeting/2019-11-04/

+ Alex:
	• Went to Freedom not Fear together with Gus. Met a lot of European internet activists and learned a bit there.
	• Catching up on my backlog with all the CVs for the Shadow Developer hire.
	• Network team retrospective went well. The team seems to be doing well.
	• Starting to think a bit about our roadmapping in December.

+ Gus
	• Went to Freedom not Fear with Alex. We joined three Tor activities (Tor Meetup, Onion Services and Censorship circumvention). I suggest to our european friends to add this event to their annual agenda.
	• Organizing Tor activities with our italian friends:
	• https://blog.torproject.org/events/tor-workshop-strike-spa-romahttps://blog.torproject.org/events/non-e-la-silicon-valley-ma-si-mangia-meglio-torino
	• Reviewing Outreachies final application.
	• Finish to update Tor training slides with the latest TB release and sending to our training partners in Global South.
	• Doing other communities things
	• Syncing with Pili about Sponsor9 phase 2 report.

+ Pili
	• S9 Phase 2 report
	• S44 report
	• Doing a bit of trac triaging for browser team
	• S27 meeting
	• Tor Browser release meeting

+ Erin
	• Shadow dev screening
	• Misc. HR/org ops stuff
	• Gaba coming to Seattle! We plan to livestream her State of the Onion talk at SeaGL on Instagram. Kinda late for most people - 16:15 PDT (00:15 UTC), but hopefully we can save/share the vid.

+ Karsten
	• Put out several releases as part of extending CollecTor's index.json to contain descriptor types and publication times as well as SHA-256 file digests.
	• Rewrote exit scanner part that does the scanning without writing properly formatted exit lists in Python.

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