[tor-project] Notes from Vegas Meeting OCTOBER 31 2019

Erin Wyatt ewyatt at torproject.org
Fri Nov 1 23:29:53 UTC 2019

Vegas Team Meeting Notes
OCTOBER 31 2019


- Blog temporary resolution: Mike following up but contact out of town

- Trademark faq update: Isa working on it; will include how we deal w/ the use of Tor name/logo on swags: https://pad.riseup.net/p/K6yqvdADgN1uk8BVrve9-keep

- Isabela writing draft letter to developer who going to fix css on drupal w/ gus

- SVN public was archived and internal shutdown, corp needs to migrate to Nextcloud, but we first need to setup nextcloud so this can wait another week (or more)

- Re: git admins - still need more; got one new volunteer from browser team  V

- Status of Feb/Mar dev meeting scheduling? Decision still pending




1) Will be attending OTF summit in Taipei this week
2) More grant writing for NSF TTP project
3) Released BridgeDB version 0.9.1 (bugfix release)
4) Snowflake progress (finished revised broker/proxy protocol, still working on client/server protocol and "unreliable proxy" issue)
5) Progress on misc. bits and pieces (improved obfs4 docker file and bridgestrap)

1. EOY campaign - good engagement and return so far! about:tor launches Monday 11/4
2. Making more connections with people in the cryptocurrency world and they are amplifying the campaign and donating items for giveaways
3. OTF proposal
4. Board meeting prep
5. On vacation 11/8-11/15 but will be available via email and signal.

1. (about to) launch the new caching service frontend for the blog, hopefully fixing our costs in november (#32239)
2. create a followup ticket and some coordination for the Nextcloud transition (#32267)
3. finally completely retired the jabber server (#31700)
4. finished archival of public SVN (#15949)
5. usual routine (pgp key updates, email aliases, small security audit, website crash, lots of email)

1. EOY Campaign launch: blog post, press release, social media posts across platforms. Planning next posts
2. Newsletter out
3. Submitted and accepted to Hackers Next Door in NYC
4. Working with NYU on a press release about the donated space
5. Talking LFI press with Alison
6. Final stretch of Outreachy application period, several final applications already submitted, reviewing others

1. Attended Mozfest last week/weekend.
2. Getting up to speed with trac/mail again.
3. Looking at migration from nc.riseup.net to the new nextcloud server. We will eventually stop using storm.torproject.org once nextcloud is official.
4. Talked with MOSS people about performance metrics proposal.

1. Dealing with fallout from Tor Browser 9.0
2. Preparing Tor Browser 9.0.1 and 9.5a2 the driver being our EOY fundraising campaign; due 11/4 and 11/5
3. OTF proposal work

1. Sponsor 31 focus in November.

Mike (likely out for some/most of meeting):
1. Figuring out priorities for end of Sponsor2; lots of loose ends piled up last month
2. Still pinging contact re preferred pricing for blog; he is travelling

1. Small dinner party at Wendy's in Boston
2. Reviewing copy for all things related to YE campaign
3. Helping with OTF proposal
4. Preparing for Board meeting on Nov 6th
5. Following up with many things: corporation membership program draft, requests for speaking, donors/sponsors, blog, personnel stuff

1. MozFest last week
2. S27 October report
3. S9 Phase 2 Report
4. S44 Report
5. End of Month/Start of Month roadmapping and admin
6. Browser Proposal
7. AFK tomorrow 1st November for a public holiday here

1. Traveling to Taipei tomorrow for the OTF summit
2. Working in a participatory design session with OKThanks
3. Reviewed implementation of the end of year campaign across platforms
4. Mapping the ux team work for the rest of the year

1. Tor Browser 9.0 bug fixing
2. OTF Proposal updates
3. Fastly talk preparation

1. Travled to Zurich and did a talk on Tor. Tomorrow I will give a shorter version of the same talk in DK.
2. Returned to work on s28 tickets.
3. Looks like we are getting applications in for the Shadow Simulation developer position.
4. Gitlab wiki migration work.
5. Collecting status updates for end of month network team status.

1. Shadow dev recruiting
2. Behind on handbook review/clarifications but hope to get to that very soon
3. Personnel stuff

1) Finished an extension to CollecTor's index.json where we will soon include descriptor types, publication times, and SHA-256 digests.
2) Moved forward with automating Onionoo deployments.

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