[tor-project] Notes from May 23 2019 Vegas team meeting

Karsten Loesing karsten at torproject.org
Fri May 24 07:48:22 UTC 2019

Notes for May 23 2019 meeting:

0) I'm offline this meeting (today/tomorrow), at the Race kickoff mtg
with Philipp and Cecylia.
1) What is the state of frontdesk at rt? Is it getting answered? If it
isn't, should we set up an autoresponder so people know not to rely on
it? And is it still linked from anywhere? [I have access and respond to
donation-related questions. We get several Helpdesk type questions there
per day and some questions about bridges. It is unclear to me whether
anyone is answering them. I thought wayward was at some point, but may
not be anymore. - Sarah]
2) It would be keen to add trac keywords to the "frequently encountered
tickets" on Wayward's tor-project lists. Can somebody grab this idea? [I
have it in my todo list of things to look at but happy to leave it to
somebody else or collaborate on it - gaba][I can take this on - pili]
3) Julius suggested that we should have a Tor talk (or more than one) at
CCCamp, and that we should get Isabela there to do a "this is the future
vision of Tor, also donations would be nice" pitch at the end of the
talk. When is the submission deadline? What are our most promising talk
proposals? Tor Browser and OONI maybe? Tickets opened yesterday, so now
is the time to build this plan.

1) Two team retrospectives the same day (network and metrics). Bravo!
2) Gettor (new code is deployed by hiro!)
3) Giving some help around google season of docs distribution (connected
with writethedocs crowd)
4) Still moderating comments on moz research blogpost
5) Sessions for meeting in Stockholm. Are we going to have any talk on
priorities? It would be good to have a place for ideas coming up from
different teams where we can coordinate what finally go into 3 days
6) Followed up on tech reports published for metrics team contract with
OTF. Bekeela to send last mail with social network engagement and
download numbers.
7) Trying to get the best of the Trac data to follow projects.
8) Other small issues.

1) Tor Browser 8.5 went out. So far it looks not that bad. We plan to
start building a bugfix release by end of next week addressing the most
pressing issues
2) Nick: There are a bunch of non-moderated blog comments for older Tor
releases on the blog. Could you or anyone of your team address that (not
sure how the network-team process works)
3) Erin: Not everyone on my team got three peer feedbacks yet. Am I
supposed to follow up on that and if so, how? (Do you mean they asked
for feedback and didn't receive it, or they didn't ask three people?
-ewyatt I only know I got one review for one of my folks yet, out of
what supposed to be three GeKo) Hmm. Maybe I'll send a reminder email to
everyone asking them to confirm with their reviewers that the feedback
is done. That seems the easiest way to distribute the work of figuring
out who still needs to write/receive. Sound ok? -ewyatt  Works for me. GeKo

1) We were granted $25,000 from DIAL Open Source Center for ESR migration.
2) Various efforts like the more prominent donate button on tpo.org,
discount swag sales on social media, and discount sticker pack for
first-time donors have increased individual gifts made through the
website almost 40% over this time period last year. There has also been
an additional uptick in donations since yesterday's release which
included a donate link on about:tor page.
3) Have an interview tomorrow with a journalist from the Daily Dot who
is working on a story about cryptocurrencies and philanthropy.
4) Planning for major donor (Champions of Privacy) page.
5) Beginning to plan YE campaign.

1) Mailed researchers re Mozilla RFP as well as Tor circuit padding
2) Am behind on reviews; doing them this week

1) TB85 release, made graphics, pushed for having the manual updated,
reviewed es localization
2) working in OTF 02A3, O2A1
3) working in OONI explorer stable release
4) coordinating user research with nah and gus for africa's trip
5) closed Q1 reporting with caroline
6) met SimplySecure about how we can collaborate
7) trying to unify media.tpo and
https://github.com/TheTorProject/tor-media. Any advice? [Maybe it's good
to consolidate everything that is smaller than 10MB into the git repo,
ex exclude the video and misc directories. ~ Arturo]

1) new OONI dev starting next week; bio/announcement soon
2) general HR stuff

1) met with OONI team regarding budget to actual numbers
2) general Accounting stuff

1) went to SIF last week and met w/ Sida (one of our contract meetings)
2) Getting phase 3 Sida plan finalized to be submitted by mid next week
3) working on different fundraising efforts that we are rolling out
4) syncing tomorrow (friday) w/ panos on dev meeting logistics - and
then w/ jon on all things meeting related.

1) Onboarding Federico who is a new OONI dev!
2) Documented an incident of internet censorship in Indonesia and found
how to circumvent the block with stock Android:
3) Working on OONI Probe mobile 2.1 release
4) Working on OONI Explorer stable release
5) Responded to many media inquiries following the wikipedia Chinese
blocking post:
6) Moving forward with the plan of having the OONI Probe engine in
golang: https://github.com/ooni/probe-engine &

1) is out, is stable.
2) Working to stabilize 0.4.1.x; will open 042 window early if that
works out
3) Encouraging team to focus on 0.4.1.x and Sponsor 19
4) Is there anybody to whom I can pass on the responsibility of being
execdir at torproject when it comes to Apple? They want me to use 2-factor
authentication and mostly I don't want to mess with their site.
5) Network team retrospective happening later today
6) Have received nearly all feedback.
7) I'm working on a paper about Walking Onions with Chelsea and Ian

1) Moving community portal forward
2) S27
 - held bi-weekly meeting
 - Synced with Paul Syverson on their work in this area
3) Spoke with OKThanks and Guardian Project about Tor Branding and Tor
applications ecosystem
4) Started working on S9 logical results framework
5) Tor Browser release meeting this week
6) GSoD promotion

1) Operational issue notifications work moving forward.
2) OnionPerf improvements and new graphs moving forward.

1) figuring out the team lead work
2) continued working on refactoring Puppet manifests for standardization
and collaboration
3) established an inventory of hardware, expenses and upcoming
depreciation costs
4) tried to steer team demands towards funding requests because we're
running out of capacity
5) will coordinate with the team to organize a planning meeting in Stockholm

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