[tor-project] Notes from May 16 2019 Vegas team meeting

Karsten Loesing karsten at torproject.org
Fri May 17 06:42:34 UTC 2019

Notes for May 16 2019 meeting:

0) Nick: btw, GeKo and I decided to leave me on the tor-security list,
but pretend that I'm not on it. I asked if we should add a real third
person, and he said he's got it under control.
1) Arturo: it looks like the ooni package on deb.tpo is no longer in
debian? That means we're no longer following our intended policy of
having deb.tpo things be only imported from debian. Is there a plan to
fix? Plan: we limp along with ooniprobe in deb.tpo for now, because
there aren't any better options for users, and then when ooniprobe 3.0
is released -- by Nov 2019 is the current schedule -- we remove
ooniprobe from deb.tpo, point users to the new one and inform existing
users how to upgrade.
2) I added Gaba and Pili to the speaking@ alias, so they can help us
coordinate our speaker invites.
3) We're nearly done assigning the first round of PETS stipends. We'll
have allocated most, but not quite all, of the stipend money.
4) Cecylia, Philipp, the NRL folks, I, and others will be at the Race
kickoff meeting next Thursday / Friday in DC. I look forward to figuring
out what the program actually is, and from there, how we can best
encourage the other people in it to build practical useful things to
help real people.
5) Sue: speaking of which, we should shortly be getting a copy of the
agreement between Georgetown and us.
6) We're half-way until the submission deadline for the Mozilla research
grants. Is there something more proactive we should do, besides the blog
post from some weeks back?

1) Sponsor2 (NSF-TTP) is just about at a point where we can "declare
victory" in future NSF-TTP proposals (we have functionality merged into
an upcoming alpha). Matt Wright said this was a good time to start new
NSF-TTP funding proposals
2) Roger: What do you think about doing another/larger NSF-TTP for
traffic analysis, or for transitioning performance research into
practice?  [You should mail Matt and ask him what he wants to do, and
whether he already has plans for his NSF TTP proposal token for this
round. My plans for my TTP proposal token for this round are unclear, so
if we really need me, I can do it, or if you want to lead it, that's
great too. -RD]

1) Still helping to moderate tor-talk and tor-relays
2) Stepping up work on new Community Portal
3) Responding to GSoD enquiries
4) Playing with new git lab instance and plotting out processes and
workflows for teams

1) TB 8.5 release #29955, #30497
2) triaged OONI Explorer UX tasks for stable, trying to prioritize
3) reviewing Q1/Q2 user research reporting, coordinating next Africa
trips with ggus
4) sent peer-reviews
5) working with onions #30024

1) Our post on wikipedia blocking in China:
https://ooni.torproject.org/post/2019-china-wikipedia-blocking/, got
pretty big media coverage
2) Made a new release of ooniprobe 3.0.0-beta.3:
https://github.com/ooni/probe-cli/releases/tag/v3.0.0-beta.3. Testing is
greatly appreciated!
3) Working on OONI Explorer
4) Supporting individuals who submitted OTF fellowship proposals

1) nyc fundraiser on Tuesday went well
2) preparing for vacation coverage may 23-june 11, scheduling lots of
social media
3) community portal copy review
4) promoting swag discounts
5) feedback, travel arrangements
6) media inquiry

1) CollecTor is now archiving bandwidth files from directory authorities.
2) Work on new OnionPerf graphs is moving forward, though this will
still take a bit more time.

1) Discount sticker promotion email has made almost $1,000. We will send
this message out periodically several weeks after people join the email
list. The average gift is $27, meaning most people are giving much more
than the $17 promotion.
2) feedback
3) travel arrangements
4) Craig Newmark Philanthropies granted $50k for general operating.

1) General accounting stuff

1) peer and team lead feedback due May 17th
2) general HR stuff

1) Coordinating retrospective for network team
2) Following on moz-tor meeting and moz research grants
3) Feedback
4) Trying to get an automatic way to visualize trac tickets per sponsor/team

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