[tor-project] Notes from May 9 2019 Vegas team meeting

Karsten Loesing karsten at torproject.org
Mon May 13 09:08:48 UTC 2019

Notes for May 9 2019 meeting:

1) Wrapped up the MOSS related work for OONI Explorer and defining the
roadmap for the public launch
2) Spoke about OONI in DC at an event by the USAGM:
3) Preparing OONI Probe mobile 2.1.0 release
4) Planning upcoming work on OONI Probe Desktop:

1) worked on blogpost for moz grant research
2) talked and started writing a proposal with ggus for APC (that it
turns out we are not going to apply now)
3) time allocation for sponsors
4) finalize team planning document
5) attended part of csvconf yesterday
6) peer reviews

1) Press inquiries: Answered questions about the CIA’s onion service
2) Working with organizers and managing the eventbrite page and tix for
the upcoming Tor talk/fundraiser connected to Ethereal Summit. Will help
with Roger's slides
3) Published a post on the Mozilla Research Grant w help from Gaba
4) Getting ready to be ooo May 23-June 11
5) Will submit for Roger to do another ama at the crypto and privacy def
con village
6) Planning for upcoming comms campaigns including t-shirt discounts,
story pitches, next TB launch
7) Looking into a collab at upcoming Blockchain event

1) Sponsors newsletter went out yesterday.
2) Monthly giving page should be live today and I'll start inviting past
donors to convert to monthly giving.
3) Al submitted proposal to Craig Newmark Philanthropies for $50k of
general operating support.
4) Submitted proposal to Deer Creek Foundation for $50k for general
operating/comms funds.
5) Organizing vintage swag promotion for social media.
6) Creating appeal for newsletter subscribers who have not yet donated
to get the sticker pack for a discounted $17.
7) Peer reviews.
8) Travel arrangements.

1) Finished off first draft of S9 Workplan
2) Mailing list moderation
3) Finally finished of S27 roadmap!
4) Working on other sponsors and work time allocation
5) Started setting up 1:1s with community team members
6) Helping with OTF Fellowship proposal
7) Replying to Google Season of Docs enquiries

1) Fun with Mozilla emergency releases
2) Tor Browser 8.5 gets delayed due to those releases (we plan to start
building 8.5 next week)
3) Getting tickets sorted for May work
4) More HackerOne (Sue: could you please wire the 1.000 USD, thanks! -
yes I did not do disbursements last week and it is included in this
week's disbursements-SA) and other organizational tasks
5) feedback mails
6) Generally struggling to keep up with doing ALL the things

1) Wrapping up 0.4.1 things for sponsor2

1) made a meeting with OK Thanks. They are working on Onion Browser with
Guardian Project.
2) shared the Mozilla Grant with academic researchers interested in
3) working on OTF #30029, #30024.
4) coordinating User Research in Mexico with flexlibris, reviewing nah's
reporting from Q2, Caroline's reporting from Q1, organizing next travels.
5) sent Personas to the UX list for feedback.
6) closed OONI Explorer for the sponsor, roadmapping OONI Explorer
stable release.
7) writing peer-reviews.
8) worked on some fundraising needs.

1) general accounting procedures

1) general HR stuff
2) reminder: peer and team lead feedback is due next Friday, May 17

1) all's well on network team
2) reminded team about booking travel.  Do we have a list of people who
are not yet booked?

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