[tor-project] Notes from March 28 2019 Vegas team meeting

Karsten Loesing karsten at torproject.org
Fri Mar 29 08:20:20 UTC 2019

Notes for March 28 2019 meeting:

1) PETS will have stipends available again this year. So if you are
wanting to stay in Stockholm for PETS, consider putting together a
stipend proposal. I will plan to get more details up on the website soon.
2) My debate with New York law enforcement last week, and my keynote at
the identity conference this week, both went really well. I now have a
pile of business cards I should follow up with.
3) Fyi, there's a board meeting tomorrow.
4) The overdue NSF reports are now in and approved. That saga is over.
Let's do better for the next ones. :)
5) I delegated a request-for-Tor-talk-in-Europe to speaking at tpo. Are the
right people on that list still? [answer: maybe we should merge it with
comms, or maybe we should expand the list to include more variety of
people. Neither list has anybody from Europe on it, for example.]
6) I've been running into a bunch of "threat intelligence" companies at
recent conferences, and of course they're still hyping the dark web. We
need to figure out a way to get the incentives aligned with these
companies and their marketing teams. I might start by saying yes to a
talk invite for a NYC-based company, and try to bring Isa along to take
the momentum from my talk and try to build it into something.
7) We probably ought to sort out how we want to proceed with the NYU
8) I'm meeting with Philipp in person on Tuesday to talk through some of
the anticensorship team roadmap vision things.
9) Did we make a decision on whom to recommend for the next Mozilla
All-Hands? Is there a deadline for that?
10) Do we have any feedback on the feedback process? Feedback on tea time?

1) We got Pwn2Own-related releases out last week
2) Progress on finalizing Tor Browser 8.5
3) We have a new website, great! Do we plan to have a post-mortem? It
might be beneficial for setting up the remaining portals and for future
4) Gaba:
has a ton of unhandled comments. I guess we'd need to figure out next
time who is dealing with comments beforehand if the author is not available?

1) We launched tpo.org yesterday
2) Made S27 OTF kickoff.
3) Tor Browser 8.5 release
4) Making IFF next week.

1) Libreplanet went fairly well. Lots of people interested in hacking on
Tor. Bunches of people who hadn't heard of Tor. A user interested in v3
onion service usability.
2) Talking at Tufts next weekend: discussion about a policy student
paper on taxonomy of "accountable anonymity" proposals.
3) Are we supposed to be doing anything to drive peer review? I just got
my first peer review request. (Do you mean, as a team lead, if you're
supposed to be reminding people? If yes, no. You don't need to drive it
-- people have their info and should be ok. -ewyatt)

1) Spoke at 2 panels at Libreplanet and worked at booth last weekend.
2) Prepared for Board meeting tomorrow (friday 29th)
3) We got the Onion services contract w/ OTF!
4) Reviewing all reports that are due this week.
5) Finalized the invite list and almost done with sending invites
6) Worked on new website blog post.

1) Still getting a nice stream of cryptocurrency donations and talking
with two donors who are considering gifts >$5k.
2) Attended Data Privacy Summit in DC yesterday.
3) Sending a letter to small foundations who have given in the past, but
not recently and will include some individuals for whom we have postal
mailing addresses.
4) Set up welcome email for people who join our email list. First one
went out to 10k people who joined in March.

1) LibrePlanet was good (I spoke at one Tor session and one Library
Freedom session, also helped at the booth)
2) gave a talk on onion services to Temple University law students yesterday
3) otherwise, I'm entirely focused on Library Freedom Institute right now
4) community team is focused on the community portal right now
5) taking care of some preparations for RightsCon
6) preparing to work on some new funding ideas with Al and Sarah
7) question about feedback process: team leads are supposed to get
feedback from their whole teams, but also one person "from the team"
should be in group of three peer reviewers. Does this mean team leads
should be reviewed by their whole team +2 or their whole team +3?

1) Paperwork, lots of paperwork. And emails.
2) Recruiting/screening for open positions
3) General HR stuff

1) working on Tor scalability strategy
2) Vanguards issues
3) Figuring out travel

1) Published our last remaining technical report for Sponsor 13 which
concludes this project.
2) Trying to upgrade TorDNSEL enough to run on Debian stable. Do we know
any friendly Haskell developers who would be able to spend a few hours
on doing smaller updates (e.g., apparently Data.HashTable has been
removed in Haskell 7.8 and we need to switch to the hashtables package;
things like this)?
3) Preparing for upgrading op-ab to a more recent OnionPerf version that
supports v3 onion services.

1) Working on the OONI Explorer revamp
2) Pipeline related work to support OONI Explorer
3) Preparing for IFF next week
4) Integrating a psiphon test into OONI Probe

1) talking about the new website! sent to press
2) working on the community portal
3) newsletter done and will be out in the next couple days
4) responding to inquiries
5) cryptocurrency page updates and related inquiries
6) spoke at libreplanet last weekend, helped with the booth
7) worked on a new welcome email for newsletter subscribers. added
signups from recent conferences

1) Finalizing the Short Period 990
2) Finalizing the Sida Attestation Audit
3) General Accounting processes
4) Worked at the Libreplanet booth for a little bit on Saturday

1) At Infracon in Barcelona this week meeting lots of fantastic people
2) We got the website out! :)
3) Sponsor 27 Kick Off meeting
4) Sponsor 8 Final report final touches
5) Following up on Google Season of Docs
6) IFF next week

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