[tor-project] IRC for Complete Beginners (to send to friends who want to volunteer for Tor)

Kushal Das mail at kushaldas.in
Thu Mar 21 06:26:29 UTC 2019

On 21/03/19 2:13 AM, Kate Krauss wrote:
> Hi all,
> I recently decided to rejoin IRC, and it was complicated and glitchy. It
> took weeks of troubleshooting and a manual re-set from pastly, who was
> working with someone at OFTC. Many thanks to phoul and pastly for their
> kindness and help. I know that it takes one minute or less for a very
> experienced person to start and troubleshoot a new account on IRC, and I
> am not that person.
> I have written a short guide for people who have never used--and maybe
> never heard of--IRC before. You can forward this email (or whatever
> final version is developed) to friends who want to volunteer for Tor but
> are daunted by IRC. The persona I'm focusing on:
> **A person who has not used IRC before and may or may not be
> technical.** (I’m starting with English, but other languages are needed
> as well.)
> The goal is to get new people up and running, talking on IRC to Tor
> people, in real time, with as little frustration as possible.
> There are also cultural aspects to IRC that require explanation to
> prevent frustration, so below I have linked to a couple websites that
> can help. Moving people from webchat to a special client is a project
> for another time.
> Please send your input, focused on this hapless individual who has never
> used IRC before but wants to help Tor. I wonder if there are better docs
> on IRC culture? Apologies in advance for anything that is annoyingly
> inaccurate. Can fix!
This is a nice introduction.

In our online (IRC) based summer training, we are using the following 
guide for introduction to IRC.



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