[tor-project] Notes from March 7 2019 Vegas team meeting

Karsten Loesing karsten at torproject.org
Fri Mar 8 07:54:57 UTC 2019

Notes for March 7 2019 meeting:

1) Dev meeting invites

1) Answered questions for the internet health report.
2) Preparing for Libreplanet panel and booth.
3) Taking part in a small campaign for the 30th birthday of the web with
the Web Foundation
4) Will be trying to raise money for an Outreachy intern to help with comms
5) Preparing for website launch. Reviewing illos.
6) Submitted application to be a def con vendor
7) Onion services inquiry
8) Blog comment policy done and live
9) International Womens Day prep

1) Reviewing 8.5 Release, Security Settings, Onboarding, TBA Network
2) Organizing IFF, TBA user testing script, accommodation, etc
3) Working on Personas with dunqan
4) Working on tpo.org with Hiro
5) Debriefing India and Indonesia travels with Pili and Caroline
6) Reviewing Community team's SOI, UX Team roadmap, tickets triage, end
of month duties
7) Coordinating with Jon for printing outreach material

1) Fundraising for Outreachy internship sponsorship.
2) Doing a soft launch of new acceptance of additional cryptocurrencies.
If you know any enthusiasts who might want to donate, we have wallets
now for several - just ping me. New webpage should launch next week.
3) Grants team is finishing a DRL SOI for training work in Brazil,
India, and Mexico. Also a separate proposal for training work in Costa Rica.
4) Almost done with the Fundraising Team wiki:
5) Met with PM from Media Democracy Fund.
6) Connecting with folks at PayPal about problems using PayPal to donate
on Tor Browser.

1) Padding, vanguards dev work
2) tor-scaling discussions

1) Many of the network team are going on leave some time soon; our rate
of progress will go down a bit.
2) Much progress on 0.4.1
3) About to unrecommend a bunch of older releases in the consensus
4) Feedback on blog policy: On the most recent announcement, we were not
successful on doing daily check-ins, nor were we able to give every
comment a reply.  Comments are now closed on that announcement (after 2

1) Audit is done and Financial Statement is complete [Can you send this
to me for the state registrations? - Sarah][Yes, will do]
2) Still have to do the 990 (tax return) for the six month period 1/1/18
- 6/30/18
3) Slugging through pile of stuff that has been piling up during this
audit process
4) General invoicing, payroll and disbursement stuff

1) scheduling interviews for Browser and OONI devs
2) onboarding sysadmin
3) prepping for Isa being in the office next week
4) general HR stuff

1) writing blog post for International Women's Day
2) reviewing proposals that are going out on monday
3) writing 'ED update letter' to the community
4) working on next fy budget and board book docs (next board meeting
will be on march 25th)

1) Helping with DRL SOI for Community Team
2) Started UX ticket triage with Antonela
3) Finished off the last of the Team vision exercises with the Browser
team last week.
4) Collected dev-meeting invite suggestions from the Browser, Community
and UX teams.
5) Outreachy
6) Fought with a couple of raspberry pis, onionshare and video
compression tools
7) Gettor meeting

1) Finished integration tests for metrics-web that already found their
first bug.
2) Made progress on our last remaining technical report for Sponsor 13.
3) Started an exit list specification as first step to rewrite TorDNSEL.
4) Met for our monthly team retrospective.

1) ooni hiring follow up
2) tor scaling coordination
3) onionperf/metrics checkin
4) outreachy follow up on fundraising campaign

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