[tor-project] Tor Browser team meeting notes, 4 Mar 2019

Georg Koppen gk at torproject.org
Mon Mar 4 19:32:00 UTC 2019

Hi all!

We just had a short weekly meeting and I wanted to share the meeting
notes, as usual. The IRC log can be found at:


and the items from our pad are:

    - next releases (GeKo: we won't get to another alpha release before
the Firefox security bugfix release on 3/19, alas :( )

mcs and brade:
    Last week:
        - Posted patches for #28044 (Integrate Tor Launcher into
        - Posted a patch for #29627 (Moat: add support for obfsproxy's
        - Reviewed patch for #29120 (media.cache_size causes some media
to load extremely slowly).
        - Debugged #29535 (Context menu does not open on New Tab).
        - Provided some feedback for #27484 (Onboarding: unintuitive
not-navigation buttons).
        - Helped with triage of incoming bugs.
    This week/soon:
        - For #28044, revise proposal 102 to take into account
intrigeri’s comments as well as some things we learned during
        - Fix #29445 (Tor Browser is denying ESR policies.json)
        - Investigate #29630 (TorBrowser creates empty directory in "/tmp”)
        - Begin work on #29440 (Update about:tor when Tor Browser is
        - Investigate #27484 comment:13 (DDG onboarding doorhanger
disappears after tab switch).
        - Review the Firefox updater security audit report.

    Last week:
        some release prep
        Worked on F-Droid release process
        Worked on TBA UI improvements and crash (28329)
        BridgeDB admin
        TOPL integration and OrbotService
    This week:
        Finish next iteration of TBA bootstrapping UI
        Some BridgeDB patch reviews
        Helping with TBA PT integration (if needed)

  Last week(s):
   - 29575 - Create tor-browser-build for Firefox with TOPL libraries:
Resolved duplicate class problems. Transitive use of class files is OK.
Transitive use of resources is a problem (meaning an embedded dependency
aar of an embedded dependency) . I believe I finally have a solution
(see below, Next Week same issue).
   - Testing of tor-android-service. Latest code is not passing
bootstrap complete message correctly to UI. This is largely cosmetic but
needs to be resolved.
   - responded to sysrqb code review comments. Opened issues at TOPL
project for tracking.
   - Investigated building of tor for Android. Looked into and
prototyped use of ndk-build for tor dependencies: openssl and libevent.
  This Week:
   - 29575: To resolve missing resource issues, I’m going to put orbot
and tor-android-service and topl into the local artifact repo as part of
the Firefox build, rather than the mobile/android/app. I believe gradle
treats repo transitive resources differently. I’m also going to put
dependent projects aar libraries as compileOnly scope (provided) so that
we are guaranteed to only have one copy.
   - Create new branch with latest changes to tor-browser-build
   - More testing
   - Resolve open issues at TOPL
   I'd like to move most of the resources from tor-android-service to
orbot app, since tor-android-service doesn't use them. (GeKo: We should
talk to the guardianproject folks about that; sisbell will write an
email to nathan and hans outlining where we are and where we are heading
towards to keep them in the loop)

    Last week:
        - finished patch for #26323 (Build 32bit Linux bundles on 64bit
        - worked on some patches for #27137 (tbb-testsuite: fix the
navigation-timing, performance-observer, resource-timing, user-timing tests)
        - looked at CVs of browser developer candidates
    This week:
        - continue work on #27137 and testsuite
        - work on #25623 (Disable network during build)
        - some reviews

    Last week:

        - Tor Browser Release meeting

          - Tor Browser Vision Brainstorm Pt II
          - Browser dev hiring CV pre-screening

    This week:

    - Still trying (and so far failing) to take an easy week after India

    - Write up Browser Vision Brainstorm notes

    - Start writing Sponsor 8 (TBA) final report

    Last week:
        - reviewed #28329 - TBA UX/UI network settings
        - reviewed #27484 - Onboarding navigation
    This week:
        - pili and I will triage ux-team labeled tickets \o/
        - review TBA and TB sec settings

    Last week:
        - reviewed browser dev cvs
        - #25658 work

         - macos build for anto

         - initial tor-browser patch for this ready today

    This week:
        - #25658 tor-browser patch later today
        - #25658 tor-button patch
        - code reviews
        - #29120 ready for uplift now

  Last week:
     - wrote some patches for mobile related issues which I encountered
while reviewing #28329: #29632, #29633, and a patch for pluggable
transport/bridge support on mobile (#28802)
     - reviewed #29210 and #28329 (still ongoing) and #28685
     - work related to job application
  This week:
     - finish reviewing #28329, reviewing as much as I can to get into
the next alpha
     - begin of the month team admin stuff


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